Electric Buggy Hire: 4 Night Christmas Breaks

Your Christmas Break wouldn't be the same without one of Bluestone's legendary electric buggies. Hire for your four-night stay and zip around the resort, enjoying everything Christmasland has to offer.

Not only is it the easiest way to navigate around Bluestone, but it's also the most fun especially at Christmas when we encourage guests to dress up their buggies, with decorations and lights. Each buggy has its own name and personality and you can even request your favourite when you come to visit again.

The essentials

Booking a Buggy

To book your buggy, simply log into your reservation and there will be a booking form on the side of this page. From there you'll need to follow the booking and registration steps.

Driving Policy

Only someone with a valid UK driving license is permitted to drive a buggy. We reserve the right to remove the vehicle from anyone found in violation of this.

Collection and Return

Your buggy will be available to be picked up from the Bike and Buggy hire between 2pm and 7pm on your arrival day. You will be required to present a valid UK driving license when picking up the buggy.

You may return your buggy off at any time. Bike and Buggy Hire will be open from 8am on your departure day, but if you are leaving before that buggies can be returned the evening before or early morning.

Buggy Registration

All registration and driving licence validation will need to be completed online before your arrival. After booking your buggy, please find your booking on My Account and you will be prompted to fill in the registration form.

If you are unsure how to fill out the form, or run into difficulty, please contact us for assistance.