Smokey Twmpath

All Ages
Adult required
2 hrs 30 mins Session
Camp Smokey

It’s party time out in the woods!

Smokey Joe and his Digger are hosting a woodland bash like no other! With food to fill your belly, and music to stamp your feet to, this is a knees-up that the whole family can enjoy.

First things first though, a bit of friendly competition to start the festivities. On arrival guests will split into two teams. You’ll play games and sing songs as you try and help your team come out on top. Winner gets first servings when it’s time to eat so be ready to sing for your supper and compete for your pudding!

After you’ve filled up on food it’s time to clear the floor and get your dancing shoes on! Now the Twmpath party begins so get ready to clap your hands, stomp your feet, laugh and be merry with friends and family as you dance amongst the trees!