Treasure Islands Show

All Ages
Cloud Theatre

Welcome to a swashbuckling shindig like no other, Treasure Islands!

Join the crews of four of the most charismatic Captains to ever sail the seven seas! Before the start of the show you’ll be given a team colour, that you’ll proudly display as one of your Captains new crewmates! The Captain will then explain what to watch out for during the show, from the chiming bells of the ships to sightings of mysterious merfolk!

Each Captain will then take to the stage in turn, putting on a show only the most fearless pirates could perform. After each Captain has performed their feats, majestic mermaids come to the fore with their own enchanting display. With a final spectacular skirmish on the high seas as our heroic Captains defend Pembrokeshire.

So, nail your colours to the mast, and get ready for Treasure Islands!

Please purchase a ticket if your child  2 years and under requires a seat within the amphitheatre. If your child will be sitting on an adult's lap, then no ticket purchase is necessary.