Add Bluestone To Your Email Safe Sender List

Are our email newsletter and special offers getting blocked or seen as spam or junk?

Add us to your safe sender list or sometimes called a White List by following the instructions below depending on your email program. We have covered most of the popular email programs, but if you can help us add further instructions or new email programs, do contact us to let us know. 

Please add and to your address book and that way you’ll never miss a special offer or news from Bluestone.

In addition, if you find an email from or in your spam or junk folder tell your email software that it's not spam by hitting the not spam or not junk button, as that will train your program to allow emails from these addresses in the future.

Here are instructions on how to add email addresses to your safe senders list for some of the most popular email programs: / Hotmail

Open the email
At the top of the email by the senders email, click on “Add to contacts”


On the main screen, click on the cog wheel at the top right hand corner by your name
Select more email settings
Under “Preventing junk email” click on “Safe and blocked senders”
Click on Safe Senders and add


Gmail® / Google Mail

Open the newsletter you received from us.
Click on the "More options" link next to the date.
Click on "Add sender to Contacts list" in the options below the Subject line.
Your email message will be automatically entered into your Gmail contacts list
If you need further help, visit Gmail's Support pages.

Windows Live Hotmail

Go to the "Options" page.
Under the "Junk E-mail" section, click on "Safe and blocked senders".
Click on "Safe senders".
In the "Sender or domain to mark as safe:" field, enter the From: email address (i.e. ) and click on the "Add to Safe Senders" button.


Yahoo!® Users

Open the newsletter you received from us.
Click "Add to Address Book" link next to the icon on the far right.
Our email address is automatically populated in the email field in the "Add to Address Book" page. If it doesn’t simply copy and paste and click Save to verify the information is correct.
Click "Add to Address Book."
Your email message will be automatically entered into your Yahoo! address book.
If you need further help, visit Yahoo! Support pages.


Microsoft Outlook 2000

Open an e-mail message you received. On the From line, right-click the name (e.g., and then click Add to Contacts. A contact will open with the name filled in. You can add any other information you want. Then click Save.  

Microsoft Outlook 2003 and above

Right-click on the email in your inbox to open up the context menu.
Select "Junk E-mail" in the context menu. A secondary context menu will appear.
Select 'Add Sender to Safe Sender List' or 'Add to Safe Senders List'.
Type the From: email address (i.e. in the "Email" field.


Microsoft Outlook 2007

Open the email.
On the tools menu click "Options"
On the Preferences tab under E-mail click Junk E-mail
Click the Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab and select Add
In the Enter an e-mail address or Internet domain name to be added to the list box copy and paste and click OK.
The email address has now been added to your Contacts list.

Microsoft Outlook

On the Tools menu, click Options
On the Preferences tab, click Junk E-mail
On the Safe Senders tab, click Add
Add where it says Add address
Click OK
For more information on creating a contact from an email you receive in Outlook 2000, visit the Microsoft Office website.


Scroll up to the message header.
Get to the field where the From email address is listed; click on the Berry button; and then click "Show Address".
Select and copy that address to the clipboard.
Go into the Address Book and find the user.
Select Save.
Click to edit it, and then click the Berry button to add another email address.
Paste it in and click "Save".

Apple Mail for OS X

If email from ends up in your junk mail folder, highlight or open it and click Not Junk at the top of your screen.


Go to Mail > Preferences from your Mail menu
Go to the Rules tab
Select Add Rule
Give this rule a name such as THE
Create a rule that says "If any of the following conditions are met: ‘From’ ‘Contains’” and then paste in “”
From the actions, select Move message to mailbox Inbox.
Click OK


Mozilla Thunderbird® Users:

Add the From address into your Personal Address Book:

Click the Address Book button.
Make sure the Personal Address Book is highlighted.
Click the New Card button. This will launch a New Card window that has 3 tabs: Contact, Address & Other
Under the Contact tab, copy and paste our "from" address into the Email dialog box.
Click OK.
You can also right-click any email address you see in Thunderbird and select "Add to Address Book." White list your Personal Address Book:
From the main drop down menu, select "Tools -> Junk Mail Controls..."
This will launch the Junk Mail Controls window that has two tabs:
Settings and Adaptive Filter
Under the Settings tab, update the "White Lists" module by selecting Personal Address Book from the pull down menu and then check mark the box next to "Do not mark messages as junk mail".
Click OK.

Norton AntiSpam

Start up Norton AntiSpam
Click the Status & Settings tab
Click AntiSpam
Click Configure
Click Allowed List tab
Click Add button
In the 'Email Address' box, enter our email address
Click OK, Click OK


McAffee Spamkiller

Click the Friends tab
Click Email Address tab
Click the Down Arrow to view your Personal Friends List
Along the Right Side choose Add A Friend
In the Address box, enter our email address
Click Save.

AOL Mail

Open the email.
Hover over the From address to give a small dropdown. Select "Add contact".
If the email address does not appear in the email field copy and paste into the box provided. Click Add contact to confirm.
The email address has now been added to your Contacts list.
If you need further help on this, visit your AOL's Support pages.

Lotus Notes

From the mailbox screen, click on the Actions menu.
Rollover the menu items until you get to Tools, then click on "Add sender to Address Book..."
A popup window should have appeared. Click the OK button.


EarthLink® Users:

Open the newsletter you received from us.
Click your mailbox's "Message" menu and choose "Add Senders" to your address book.
Your email message will be automatically entered into your EarthLink address book.
If you need further help, visit EarthLink's support pages.