Staying Safe in Pembrokeshire  

Explore and Enjoy, Safely

We’re lucky to live in such a wonderful corner of the world and exploring the great outdoors and enjoying Pembrokeshire’s wide-open spaces is an amazing and unique part of the Bluestone experience.  

We recommend all our guests to get out and explore the beauty and wonder of Pembrokeshire and it’s National Park, but it’s important to be mindful that to respect the need to stay safe and adhere to restrictions while enjoying our beautiful corner of West Wales this summer. 

Here are a few tips to help you stay safe during your visit.

Exploring Pembrokeshire

 When you leave the resort and travel around Pembrokeshire we would be grateful if you could follow the advice issues by Pembrokeshire County Council. This has been created specifically for anyone visiting the area this summer and helps keep everyone safe. 

VP COVID19 infographic

 Enjoying the National Park  

Over the last few months, areas of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park were shut to any visitors including large stretches of the coast path, car parks, and attractions. This was done to protect visitors, maintain social distancing and ensure the safety of staff who work there. The National Park Authority has been working hard to reopen areas, so we can once again enjoy the beauty of their surroundings, with safety measures in places to ensure this is done safely.  

For more information about what this entails and for the latest guidance about what is open during your stay, please visit their website.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park: COVID-19 Advice

Stack Rocks, Pembrokeshire


Wales: Restriction Differences 

Safety measures and restrictions are still in place in Wales and will need to be adhered to when out and about in Pembrokeshire. Covid-19 regulations in Wales are different to other parts of the UK and Ireland and it is important to familiarise yourself with them before your visit. 

If you’re travelling from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland we strongly advise you to check measures and restrictions put in place by the Welsh Government before you arrive, to avoid any issues during your trip. For the most up-to-date advice, visit their website below.

Welsh Government: Covid-19 Advice

Pembrokeshire Coast Bird

It’s Good to Have You Back 

We are so happy to see familiar faces return and meet new faces visiting for the first time, but there is understandably a certain amount of anxiety in the local community as we welcome visitors back to the area; therefore we ask you to treat Pembrokeshire as you would your own home - adhere to safety measures and social distancing practices and be mindful and courteous when visiting shops, restaurants, and other amenities. 

Pembrokeshire Sunset