The Bluestone Seasons

Five magical celebrations

At Bluestone we love every time of year and celebrate with our five seasons. 

Beginning in January with the Winter Lights and followed by the Myths and Legends, Summer Festival, Bwbach Festival and finally, Christmasland, each new season transforms the resort into a new and exciting place of wonder.

As well as themed pop-ups, experiences and activities, every season has its own themed Spectacular, Parade and Festival guests can join in with.

Discover what's on during your visit....

winter lights logo

In the depths of mid-winter, when nights are the darkest - Bluestone sparkles and glows!

Lighting up the night sky with bursts of magical colours, the Winter Lights is an interactive, immersive experience that captures the imagination and transports you to an enchanted world. 

At the centre of the season is the dazzling Enchanted Trail - an illuminated and interactive journey through Bluestone's ancient forest. 

Under a blanket of stars, you'll encounter glowing trees that laugh hysterically, larger-than-life creatures, the charming Fairy Village bustling with life and an array of secrets and surprises bursting from every corner of the woodland.

During the season you'll be able to take part in Winter Lights themed activities as well as our daily Light Show in the village.

Winter Lights

Yo, ho, ho it's a Bluestone life for me

Discover the wildest tales and epic adventures of Pembrokeshire's most illustrious heroes and villains. 

The enchanted hills and rugged coast are filled with mystery and wonder, and you can experience them all during Myths and Legends. Our Spring season brings iconic figures from the past to life and uncovers the tales of fabled figures, noble knights and dastardly pirates. 

Visit the Tournament Field and learn to throw a spear like the Celts, or wield a bow like the Viking invaders. Or, head to the woods and pick up the Knights' Trail - an ancient path of pilgrimage. 

It's not all about land luvies though, the Myths and Legends seasonal activities revolve around the Legends of the Sea. 

Myths and Legends

summer festival header

Dreamy days on idyllic golden beaches, ice creams in the sun, families splashing at the waterpark - Bluestone was made for summer and we can't help getting in the festival spirit! 

There's a party atmosphere on resort as we celebrate the magic of the sunny seasons with activities, surprise events and lots of Free Range fun.

orange pink green butterfly

Discover the secrets of the great outdoors as you laugh, sing and dance with the loveable spirit of the forest at the Green Man Parade and Festival. The carnival-like celebrations take place on the last night of yout break and is the perfect way to make your summer holiday extra-special. 

The Summer Festival

Bwbach Festival 

The mischievous and playful Bwbach return to Bluestone in September as they spread mayhem and delight!

Translated into English as "little scare", the Bwbach are friendly hobgoblins from Welsh folklore that according to legend, performed good turns around the house in exchange for rewards. Our Bwbach scarecrows are a little different but, as you'll discover are just as friendly. Every Autumn they can be spotted around resort as we celebrate the most bewitching season of the year. 

At the craft workshops make your own unique creations using traditional, age-old techniques, before heading to our mischevious and marvellous Spectactular - The Pumpkin Lab - where you'll be entertained by a host of wacky new friends. The Bwbach festival and parade will be back along with other surprises including some special Halloween celebrations.

If you're lucky enough to be staying at the end of the season - you can enjoy the magical Burning of the Bwbach. Lit as the sun goes down, the 11ft burning Bwbach floats in the centre of the lake creating a striking image against the Autumn night! 

With fireworks and the ancient forest illuminated it's the perfect way to say goodbye to another bewitching Bwbach. 

 Bwbach Festival


It's the most wonderful time of the year and there's nowhere more spectacular to spend it than Bluestone, which transforms into a beautiful, twinkling world of festive fun. Wherever you go during your break, there's Christmas magic in the air and that wonderful feeling you only get during the holiday season.

Bluestone's Elves will be out spreading cheer to all guests, with their daily Advent Calendar countdown in the village and the magical, interactive Kingodm of the Elves experience. All midweek and weekend breaks include free tickets to the Kingdom of the Elves, which every year takes you on a new journey into Elftopia. 

This year guests will get a chance to join the Elf.B.I and help Inspector Sprinkles solve the biggest Christmas mystery of all - Who Stole Christmas? While the Elves are busy in Elftopia, Santa is busy making presents, but he still has time to spend with his favourite people - our guests. 

Enjoy a visit to his workshop and you'll hear one of his legendary Christmas tales and get the chance to tell him what you really want in your stocking. With the legendary Bluestone Panto, festive workshops, the daily Christmas lights switch on, The Elf Dinner Show, and the Snow Man Parade and Festival - there's so much going on at Christmasland, you might never want to leave!