CLAUS Christmas Show

How did Santa become Santa?

Will you come together and believe in magic? Will you believe in festive spirit and the happiness it brings? And will you believe in the dreams of a big-bellied woodsman who wants to spread joy to the world? Our spell-binding spin on the man who would be Santa, and the magic that made him, at our brand-new Christmas show for 2023, CLAUS! 

What's involved:

  • Our brand-new Christmas show for the whole family, CLAUS includes a whole host of music, song, dance, and interaction.

  • The kindly woodsman Claus loves nothing more than to whittle toys for the children of nearby Tinseltown.

  • In this magical tale, the Christmas characters and legends we all love are brought to life.
  • To make dreams come true Claus will need the most powerful magic of all, the power of belief. If you do, you might just see him fly!


  • All Ages
  • 1 hour
  • Cloud Theatre
  • Paying adult required
  • January, November, December
Christmas Show Princess
Christmas Show Raindeer And Princess
Christmas Show
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