Steep Ravine

Climb, swing and scream!

Enter the woodlands and you’re in for a great surprise. Be prepared for some thrilling action that will certainly make you scream as you find your wild side in the Steep Ravine.

Under the canopy of the giant trees you’ll find action activities that will make your heart pump. From the 40ft zip wires stretching across the ravine, to the high ropes linked between the trees above Camp Smokey, you can spend all day climbing, leaping, and swinging like a squirrel. But you might not want to look down.

Finding your wild thing in the Steep Ravine doesn’t half give you an appetite. So enjoy some great outdoor dining at Camp Smokey, where our chef will prepare and cook you some great fresh locally sourced food in the outdoor oven. You can even toast marshmallows and relax after your endeavours. Or discuss who was bravest.

Sky Wire 👪

If you like to get the adrenaline pumping outdoors then try out the new Sky Wire course down at The Steep Ravine. You can whip and whizz your way through the skies on 4 new breathtaking zip wires ranging from 60-250ft long! This is definitely the most exhilarating way to bring the family together in a stunning forestry setting. 8yrs+ Parents to supervise.

High Ropes Course 👪

You’re standing on a small wooden platform, in the midst of towering pines. You’re at the top of a ravine. The hillside falls steeply to a glinting stream, a hundred or so yards away. Much steeper and it would be a sheer drop.

So take one more deep breath, step forward off the platform - and surrender yourself to the exhilarating rush…

10yrs+ Adult participation required.

  • high ropes

Age, height & weight restrictions apply. Under 18’s must be accompanied on the activity. See the activity in manage your booking or contact the team for exact requirements.

Tree Climbing 👪

Experience tree, rock and ice climbing in one go. Our tree climbing adventures let you experience a mix of climbs, all under the guidance and safety of our expert instructors. 6yrs+ Adult supervision required.

  • Child Climbing
  • Laughing

Woodland Warriors 👪

Enter the woodland arena and take on the opposition with laser combat – it’s paintball fun without the paint. Let our instructors guide you through challenges and adventures deep inside enemy territory. See if you can get Grandad! 8yrs+ Parents to drop off and collect.

  • woodland warrior

Camp Smokey

Nestled at the bottom of Steep Ravine with a babbling brook coursing by on either side is Camp Smokey, a place to enjoy outdoor dining with a difference. It is the perfect venue to enjoy delicious smoked dishes all cooked to sizzling perfection right before your eyes and to watch friends and family flying overhead on zip wires.

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  • camp smokey fire
  • camp smokey fire place
  • Eating at Camp Smokey
  • Steep Ravine what an exhilarating experience, thanks to Jake our instructor who gave us the courage to complete the course!

    The Bansel Family - Cheshire

Your luxury retreat

From the excitement of the Steep Ravine to the tranquil surroundings of the Well Spa after a hard day’s play, Bluestone offers a range of free-range breaks where you can find your wild side or just relax and chill.

We add the “cwtch” factor to outdoor adventures with our luxury accommodation and fine dining, thoughtful touches and free-range philosophy.

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