Tournament Field

Where battles are won and memories are forged

Enter the Tournament Field at your peril. On this arena of medieval warriors you have to keep an eye out for the giant catapults, archers, crossbows and laser clay shooting.

The Tournament Field is an area where fun and rivalry mix to bring out the competitive side in you, your friends and family. You’ll even make new friends along the way as well as making lifelong memories.

Compete against others by launching the giant catapult, settle a quarrel with a contest of crossbow marksmanship, or step back in time and wield the archer’s bow and arrow. Zooming into the 21st century, you can even fire laser rifles at clays to see who has the quickest trigger finger and sharpest responses.

With so many elements to enjoy, we’re sure you’ll be seeing the Tournament Field several times during your luxury short break at Bluestone.


While technology has moved forward, those eager to step back in time should give archery a go. Armed with a bow and arrows, see how your skills measure against those of Twm Sion Cati, the Welsh Robin Hood.

  • Archery

How to settle a Quarrel!

Take on the Knight’s challenge. A steady hand is needed as you battle to hit the gong or knock down the knight in this fun game. Challenge up to four people to see who is the best shot. But don’t let your guard down, Dad’s catching you up!


Break down the castle walls. With three different types of catapults to use, your challenge is to beat the competition and break down the castle defences. But it’s not as simple as it looks and you’ll need to keep on your toes. Come on! Get them!

  • Catapult

Laser Shoot

Pull! Shoot… Win. When you hear the word “pull” your senses will be twitching in readiness as you aim at the clay flying through the air. Track, aim and fire your laser rifle to get yourself on the leaderboard.

  • Laser Clay

After a hard day’s battle

A draw was it.. how about taking them on for another battle tomorrow? Take them to the Steep Ravine and see if they’re wild enough to fly down the zip wire and clamber along the high ropes.
But tonight, have a good dinner and a good laugh with your fellow warriors, settle down in a comfy bed in your luxury accommodation and dream of victory.

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