Bluestone Foundation

The Bluestone Foundation was established to help people to help themselves through environmental, economic and social projects in Pembrokeshire. The foundation underpins the ethos of Bluestone National Park Resort; our unique and beautiful county and its people are close to our hearts. We plan to provide economic growth and social opportunities to the people of West Wales through projects funded by the money we raise.

Some of our work

We work with local organisations to support important community projects for example:


The VC Gallery

One of the charities supported by The Bluestone Foundation is The VC Gallery. An organisation based in Haverfordwest, The VC Gallery helps veterans and the community through the medium of art engagement. The group, which is led by Barry John MBE (an artist and former Royal Welsh soldier who served for 24 years), recently visited a number of places of military significance in Wales to gather inspiration, knowledge and insight to create a collection of artworks for their Art of Remembrance exhibition. The exhibition took place Friday 7 November at The Coffee Cave in Haverfordwest and was a roaring success.

In addition to the visits, The VC Gallery has used the funding from the Bluestone Foundation to host art workshops for various vulnerable groups in the community.

Here’s a picture of the group at The Art of Remembrance exhibition.

remembrance exhibition 


Value Independence

Another charity supported by The Bluestone Foundation is Value Independence. It provides community-based support to adults with learning difficulties and disabilities in Pembrokeshire. One of the projects funded by the foundation is The Bug Lodge Project whereby members of Value Independence are building three insect habitats at various points around Bluestone - beneath the tree at the lake,  the vegetable patch and by Camp Smokey.

Bug Lodge

bug hotel - group shot 

The building of the Bug Lodges not only contributes to the conservation of wildlife on the resort, it provides the members of Value Independence with a chance to work on an exciting project, to gain skills and confidence and to build a portfolio to help them gain future projects.

value independance


The Bluestone Foundation is a Charitable Trust administered under the Charities Aid Foundation, Kings Hill, West Mailing, Kent, ME19 4TA. Registered charity number 268369

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