Welcome to our Spa Retreat

Here at the Well Spa Retreat we believe in the importance of using natural products. Water, minerals and herbs all have a natural ability to cleanse, heal and relax. 

Whatever you are searching for, indulge yourself at The Well Spa...

Spa Etiquette

Spas can be much like a gym if you’re not used to the environment – a daunting feat of etiquette. Questions are often easier avoided than queried. Have no fear; we are very keen to ensure that each and every guest feels welcome and comfortable at the Well Spa Retreat. We have put together a guide to Spa etiquette, which we hope will be useful to even the most experienced of wellness fans.

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  • Hot brock sauna
  • The Well Spa Bluestone
  • The Well Spa Bluestone
  • Hydropool
  • The Well Spa Bluestone

Caffi Mor

Please book your table at the Spa reception & pre-order your menu options in advance to avoid disappointment.
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday - 9am-5pm
Saturday and Sunday - 9am - 6pm
Monday - Closed

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  • Caffi Mor Cream Tea
  • Cafe Mor
  • Serving in Caffi Mor
  • Caffi Mor Cake
  • Caffi Mor Cake
  • Caffi Mor Salad

Bring your Spa Experience Home!

Take the relaxation of the Spa home with you or give the perfect gift! Choose from a wide range of ESPA products, beautiful bath products from The Bomb as well as other local luxurious treats. Our therapists will be happy to advise if you need any help.

  • The Well Spa Bluestone
  • The Well Spa Bluestone
  • Christmas Present
  • The Well Spa Bluestone