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Have you ever wondered what happens to your letter when you post it to Santa? Join us on a magical festive tale through the Elf Workshop to find out - if you've liked Kingdom of the Elves before - you'll love what we've got in store this year!

Kingdom of the Elves will run between the 7th of November and the 4th of January and if you book a 2,4 or 7 night break to Kingdom of the Elves this year, we will we give each member of your party FREE tickets once booked.

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Looking for a short stay with the kids and to visit the magical Kingdom Of The Elves journey? Then look no further with our 2 night breaks with FREE Elf Workshop tickets. Arrive on a Monday or Wednesday starting from the 10th of November until the 17th Dec 14.

Or why not experience our festive midweek and week breaks which also include FREE Elf Workshop tickets.

2 Night Breaks 4 and 7 Night Breaks
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Kingdom Of The ElvesRoom 1 - Wish Workshop

Where your wish letters to Santa arrive, get sorted and come true! All the letters of the world arrive here and the magical journey of present creation begins. Can you help Elf Wishy Washy get control of the wishes, get into your very own elf employee uniform  and discover what journey lies ahead in the Elf Workshop?

elf abracadabraRoom 2 - U-TOY-PIA

Where toys are not just dreamed up, they are MADE. Experience firsthand the workshop world where toys come alive and play before your very eyes.

In U-TOYPIA you must not only help Elf Abracadabra make the toy the child has wished for, but bring it to life with its very own story and adventure.

Elf Frosty
Room 3 - Fro-zone 

Find out how to make the present always look so shiny and new, in this winter wonderland of fun and adventure.

Elf Frosty needs elves that are quick on their feet and that like to play games, in a workshop room sure to give you a chill of excitement!


Elf Snazzy SneaksRoom 4 - Illusion Room

Ever wonder how you can get the same present in different sizes?

Join Elf Smally Biggs and experiment with the size and shape of your toy. However be warned, you must take extra care in this room as we wouldn’t want any of you to change - we are sure you're just perfect the way you are!


Elf RubixRoom 5 - Puzzle Box

There’s no place like home! Toys don’t get thrown in a box and wrapped, they must choose their home made up of their favourite colours.

Help Elf Rubix in a colourful adventure of games and puzzles to make sure the toy will be happy inside the present. The futures bright, the future’s teal…no wait, purple?


Welcome ElvesRoom 6 - Present Party!

For every single present complete the Elf Workshop bursts into a party! Will you all have done enough to make a childs wish come true? Will you get to celebrate and dance together at the Present Party, learning famous elf moves and becoming Elfployees of the Year? Join Elf Snazzy-Sneaks and D.J Elf Boy Slim for the best party in town…. Only if the present is Sleigh Ready!

  • KOTE quote family image My eldest son loved kingdom of the elves and santas story. I dont know who had more fun, the adults or the children?

    Georgina Horton

Christmas and Festive Breaks

Ideal for those dreaming of traditional Christmas breaks; roasted chestnuts, carol singing, live music, festive fine-dining, free range activities and at Kingdom of the Elves children help Santa and his busy helpers prepare for Christmas. Book your plush accommodation right at the heart of Britain’s only true coastal national park.

Christmas Breaks
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Last year's Kingdom of the Elves

In 2013 it was your job to become one of Santa's most ELITE elves! We wanted to see if you had what it took to collect each of the extraordinary badges throughout the secret journey and become a member of his Elite team!

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Breaks and Holidays

We offer short breaks for all seasons and holidays throughout the year. Whether you are looking for a family holiday, relaxing couples getaway or somewhere to celebrate an occasion with friends, we have a break that fits the bill.

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