Elf School Journey

Discover the secrets of Christmas, learn festive skills and become the next elf helper.

The Toy Factory’s Head Elf is putting new students to the test as you journey through the Elf School!

What’s involved:

Elfie’s Inventionarium:
Head Elf Elfie teaches you the special secrets of toymaking, letting your Christmassy creativity shine.

Bauble’s Wacky Wrapping Factory:
The Wacky Wrapping Factory is misbehaving! With baubles, bubbles and wrapping everywhere, can you help fix the festive factory?

Hoot’s Treehouse:
Above the Wrapping Factory, you’ll meet Hoot the Owl. Under his watchful eyes, you will craft magical Christmas decorations.

Head Elf Graduation Hall:
The Head Elf welcomes the newest helpers with a celebration of laughter, presents and festive joy.


  • All Ages
  • 1 hour
  • The Hive
  • Adult required
  • During Kingdom of the Elves 2024
Christmas Elf With Ice Cream
Christmas Elves Playing
Elf Hiding Mobile
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