Bluestone invests £30million into resort

Bluestone National Park Resort is investing £30million to expand its facilities and further support its

efforts in meeting high environmental and sustainable standards that protects and enhances the

local area and community.


The multi-million-pound investment projects at the luxury holiday destination include the launch of

80 new platinum lodges, transformation of a disused 19th century mill into a heritage restaurant, and

development of an 11-hectare solar farm.


As well as enhancing guest experience, the exciting developments are set to boost the

Pembrokeshire economy, with the new lodges alone estimated to increase visitor spend in the area

by £1million a year.


This is in addition to the local employment opportunities and £1.5million injection that Bluestone

brings to the local economy each year.


Around 250 jobs have been sustained during the construction phase of the platinum lodges and a

further 100 operational jobs will be created once they open to guests. These figures add to the 800

people that Bluestone currently employs.


Bluestone’s Director of Sustainability, Marten Lewis, said: “Our 'Free Range Future' movement is at

the heart of everything we do to ensure all our investments and initiatives benefit the local

community and environment.


“It was key for us to channel this ethos through our latest investments, which have demonstrated

our commitment to furthering our green credentials and making sure our environmental footsteps

are as light as possible.


“Sustainable building practices have formed a huge part of construction of these projects, such as

the platinum lodges which have been built upon the principles of biophilic design to bring elements

of the natural world into the modern designs. Once complete, they will be heated by air source heat



“Guests are set to benefit from these major milestones coming to life as we open the doors to our

highly anticipated Black Pool Mill restaurant and platinum lodges this month.”


Black Pool Mill is set to launch this week (Friday 19th May), after a £3million investment transformed

the disused 19th century mill into a rustic heritage restaurant.


Designed to incorporate the mill’s original features and centuries-old architecture, chefs will create

seasonal menus that are inspired by Pembrokeshire’s warm microclimate, rich soil and clear seas.

They will strive to use locally sourced or foraged ingredients, to provide a unique and authentic local

dining experience.


The family-run company has also invested £3million into the creation of an 11-hectare solar farm,

which is part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions and become net zero by 2040. The farm

is set to generate 3.2 megawatts of electricity a year and has a lifespan of up to 40 years.


Bluestone’s chief executive, William McNamara, said: “The addition of the solar farm allows us to

put money into a more sustainable future for Pembrokeshire, something we are incredibly

passionate about at Bluestone.”


A large proportion of the investment has gone towards the development of 80 new Platinum Lodges

on the resort which have been built in line with the company’s environmental values.


The lodges will offer new levels of comfort and luxury living with sunrooms, designated outdoor

areas, picturesque surroundings, and ‘cwtch’ rooms to accommodate groups up to eight people.


Mr McNamara added: “All three projects are set to bring a boost to the local community, and being

able to create so many jobs from these has been at the heart of driving forward these projects. At

Bluestone, we’re always aiming to give something back to the community, and we’re delighted to be

able to do that while building on the future of rural Pembrokeshire."