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We're Open and Ready To Welcome You Back

It's time to unlock the great outdoors, and the magic of Free Range fun at our beautiful Bluestone Resort once again! Our ancient woodland, nature trails, and open spaces are waiting patiently for your return, and when you are ready, we can't wait to welcome you and your family back to Bluestone and Pembrokeshire for more magical moments.

 While we've been away, we've been busy working to make the resort a safe and secure place for you to enjoy. Find out exactly what to expect, here.

Reopening Information

Affected Breaks and Reopening Information

Bluestone Resort is now open

We know so many of your breaks have been disrupted by the Coronavirus outbreak and we are working hard to help all those that have been affected. 

Find out what to do if you have been affected by the closure of the resort on our advice page. 

Coronavirus Help

Family Breaks and Holidays

Enjoy time in the great outdoors on an unforgettable holiday with us.

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Enter The Resort

Step into the wonderful world of Bluestone in beautiful Pembrokeshire


Ready To Escape?

Wake up with nature and adventure in touching distance in one of our 300 luxury, self-catering lodges and cottages.

Discover Free Range Fun

Unforgettable experiences, thrilling adventures and moments to treasure. What will you try?


Dining Out

Enjoy delicious, 

fresh, locally-sourced food, 

family-friendly eateries and 

magical dinner entertainment.

Food & Drink

A Gateway To The Outdoors

Rolling green countryside, golden beaches, rugged coastline and breath-taking scenery, fall in love with Pembrokeshire on a break with us and enjoy adventures in the great outdoors.


  • Take me back to Bluestone - From our very first visit we knew straight away it would become one of our special places.

    Rebekah Morgan

  • Despite a 12-hour round trip (we live in West Yorkshire), there's something about Bluestone that keeps drawing us back.

    Sam Charles

  • From the littlest members of our party to Nanny and Grandad. It was a true family holiday that delighted everyone.

    Faye Burton

  • The lodge was amazing, spacious, good quality, wifi!!, picnic table, bike racks, a wet room plus bathroom.loved it!

    Louise Harries

  • Perfect for all ages - It is the most relaxing place, and yet delightfully active for all ages.

    Henriette Lang Maddox

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