Winter Lights

In the depths of darkest winter, come alive with the magical glow

From January to March 2020, enjoy a heart-warming and fascinating adventure, with no end of spectacles and surprises along the way. 

 It might be cold outside, but wrap up warm because there's lots to see on your Winter Lights journey.


Winter Lights is our exciting winter season of entertainment and activities running from January to the end of March. 

 Details for what's happening in 2021 are currently underwraps, so make sure you keep an eye on social media and our newsletter to be the first to find everything we have planned.

Starchitects Logo 2020

Main Engines! Start – two – one - booster ignition and lift off! 

1 hour, All Ages

Introducing Winter Lights’ Serendome Spectacular, join us in 2020 on an adventure beyond imagination as we journey into the depths of the universe and put our young contenders to the test to become our next S T A R C H I T E C T S! 

Starchitects Bluestone

As part of your mission, you’ll enter a universe where imagination has no limit, keeping your feet on the ground isn’t an option and the dreams of aspiring space explorers explode into vivid reality. 

Winter Lights’ Serendome Spectacular is a chance to blast off on an intergalactic adventure the whole family will enjoy.


The Star Lab  

Mission Control: "Calling all Starchitects in training"

45mins, All Ages

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Get ready to blast off into the cosmos for an up-close encounter with the marvels of the universe. This Winter Lights we're taking guests further than ever before - outer space! 

Bluestone is excited to reveal we're teaming up with Dark Sky Wales to offer the latest in planetarium technology housed in an incredible inflatable dome - The Starlab. 

The Starlab will is stargazing on another level as, together, we set out on a journey of discovery through the galaxy and unlock the secrets of space. Led by our professional astronomy educators, we'll be taking a guided mythological tour of the heavens and discover the wonders of the modern cosmos including the planets, galaxies and nebula. 

If you've ever caught yourself staring up at the night sky and wondering if you'll ever get a chance to explore the unknown then the immersive, spectacular visual and audio experience is a chance to boldly go, where no-one has gone before - without leaving the resort.

It's an experience all ages can enjoy, especially any space explorers in training.

What Will You Discover?

Open Daily, Lights Switch On 4pm

From the outer reaches of the universe, journey to the depths of forest, as the illuminated world filled with magic and enchantment returns to Bluestone's ancient woodland.

In the depths of darkest winter, Bluestone comes alive with the magical glow of the Winter Lights Trail.  

Winter Lights Trail 2020

Journey away from the norm and pass into the magical woodland world, where the only thing you can be sure of is the unexpected. 

This year there will be a new immersive and interactive adventure, that will capture imaginations and make you believe in the unbelievable.

The Winter Lights Trail is available for all guests to enjoy throughout the season and can be accessed via the Nature Trail entrance next to Ranger HQ.






Winter Lights Workshop Logo

Magical Dream Lights

1 hour, All Ages

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At the Winter Lights Workshop you'll get your chance to create your very own Fairy house, that's also a night light. 

The Fairy Village is one of our favourite places along the Winter Lights Trail and you can create your very own version of the miniature, magical houses to take home with you. 

Get all the family involved, as you design and craft a house and put your own personal touch to the magical creation. 

snake in the tree

merlin light show 2

Light Up The Night

Daily Light Show, Evenings

Within the heart of the village, 

feel the sorcery in the air 

Every night during Winter Lights you can enjoy the magical light show of our 

Welsh Wizard, Merlin. 

Watch the night come alive with music and colour as the wandering magician 

illuminates the darkness with his exciting tale.

Wet 'n' Wild

Wednesday 4:00pm - 6:00pm, Friday 6:00pm - 9:00pm 

Dive into the Blue Lagoon this Winter Lights at our special After Dark session. It's your chance to splash under the stars at our Winter extravaganza where the waves will be bigger and the water cannon firing on all cylinders. 

The night will start off chilled, with some relaxing music, bubbles and cannon spray that you can enjoy as you float down the lazy river, but as we enter the second hour the action will ramp up. 

The waves will get wilder and the music louder as we turn things up a notch and take things to the next level. Both the indoor and outdoor flumes will be open to enjoy under the stars or why not shoot down a faster lazy river? 

Complimentary - All guests are welcome but the first hour will be more suited to smaller or nervous swimmers.