Winter Lights

January 6th - March 26th 2020

In the depths of darkest winter, Bluestone comes alive with the magical glow of the Winter Lights. 

From January to March 2020, enjoy a heart-warming and fascinating adventure through the illuminated forest, with no end of spectacles and surprises along the way. 

You'll feel sorcery in the air as you admire the beauty of the Enchanted Trail and become entranced by the legend of our wandering Welsh Wizard, at the Merlin Light Show. Reunite the old conjurer with his magic at the interactive Dinner Show, before getting creative at our craft Workshops. 

 It might be cold outside, but wrap up warm because there's lots to see on your Winter Lights journey.


Winter Lights

Along an ancient and beautiful woodland path, behold an immersive and interactive adventure. 

Witness the wonders of Illume and discover the stories within... 

There is a tale to be told...but you are the storyteller to tell it! 

Pools of coloured light, fairy lanterns, illuminated trees and glowpods light your way; gentle musical sounds play wistfully dance across your ears, step into the forest and start your adventure. Your journey begins beneath the giant tulips that hang over the path dwarfing whoever ventures under them. 

winter Lights Woods

From there, make your way along the Forgotten Lane to the Entrance of Enchantment. The gateway to yesteryear was once a beautiful sight, but now it’s been reduced to a glowing pile of ancient remains. Don’t underestimate its magic though, as once you scramble through the entrance you’ll find the beautiful sea of coral and bubbles sprouting from the ground.  

winter lights

Look up and you’ll see a spinning curtain of leaves hanging from the forest canopy that twist and twirl, creating a psychedelic moray of magic. Across the valley you can spy an allotment bursting with sparkling fruit and vegetables. In this wood trees yawn and burp, squirrel burglars steal nuts, and crackling fires burn in mid-air. Beatrice, the giant snake goddess, sings lullabies to the trees as she coils and curls among the branches while in the tree tops the Princess is preparing for her guests to arrive at a birthday party.

winter lights snake

Spy a crafty fox, cross the rickety bridge and follow the bubbles to find frogs at busy at work on the water mill. Next door at Theatr Dyded you can listen in on the Old Man of the Woods telling ancient stories of Dragon’s flight and fire. 

Make sure you don’t hurry past the Giant’s Footsteps, the Pixie Village at the bottom of the valley. It might be on the small side, but the hustle and bustle of the village with its pub, toy shop and pixie gold mine, means there are always secrets and surprises to discover. 

little village

When you hear the echo of bird siren, you’ll know you’re coming towards the end of your journey. Follow the beautiful sound of the rainbow finches as they sing in harmony with the forest creatures. Carry on up the eerie luminous path to spy a glowing garden from another world with mushrooms, flowers and butterflies shining without light. 

Just before you leave, you’ll come upon the oldest, largest and wisest being in the realm – the Giant Oak Tree. Her woven maze of criss-crossing branches attracts all the beings of the forest; Some for shelter, or food, while others just come to gaze on her beauty. You might have come to the end of the trail but, your Illume journey has just begun.

Family Workshops

Enjoy craft time at one of our three Winter Lights Workshops. Using traditional crafting techniques and with materials found at Bluestone, the workshops are a great way to learn a new skill and create your very own Winter Lantern memento to take home with you. 

Willow Workshop: Winter Lantern

winter lights workshop

Don’t miss our Willow Workshop where you’ll create your own fairy tale and tell it through shadows and light! Make your own Willow Lantern and decorate it with your own shadow story, ready to show off at the Light Parade and Winter Lights festival!

Woody Wild Workshop: Glow Mask

winter lights mask

In our Woody Wild Workshop you’ll become your favourite woodland character in our mask making workshop. Use natural materials and add a touch of glow to make your costume come alive.

Enchanted Workshop: Dream Lights 

winter lights workshop

Join us in our Enchanted Workshop and create your very own Magical Dream Light, inspired by the Welsh legend of the Tylwyth Teg. Sleep easy as the Dream Light protects you from bad dreams and stores all the nice ones!

**Please Note: Workshops for 2020 are not currently bookable. They will be available approximately six months before the season begins.

The Merlin Light Show 

Begin your Winter Lights journey in the village with the Merlin Light Show, which takes place every evening after sunset.

As the sun goes down on another Bluestone day, the village comes alive with a dazzling display of beautiful colours as we tell the tale of Merlin, the Welsh Wizard.

Legend has it, Merlin was turned into wood and now stands at the centre of the village during Winter Lights. He still has some wizardry powers though and when you see Merlin's staff glow - it's a sign there's magic in the air.

The captivating event is free to guests and all are welcome to come along and enjoy the magical display.

Merlin’s Magical Dinner Show 

 A magical feast with a slice of spellbinding tricks, a pinch of illusion, all stirred together with a sprinkle of style - Merlin's Magical Dinner Show is a night of entertainment and wonder for all the family to enjoy.

Join your mystical host's quest to regain control of his magic after a spell goes disastrously wrong and enjoy singing, dancing and many laughs along the way. 

**Please Note: Workshops for 2020 are not currently bookable. 
They will be available approximately six months before the season begins.

The Winter Lights Festival

Bring all of your wonderful glowing creations from our light inspired workshops to our magical light parade. 

Follow our 11ft Merlin from the Adventure Centre and glow to the Village where you can enjoy the Winter Lights Festival, bringing everything and everyone together for a bright end to your break!

  • The kids did not stop talking about the fairy village all the way home!

    Mrs Davies, Bristol