Bosherston Lily Ponds to Freshwater East Coast Walk

The beautiful Bosherston Lily Ponds has long been a highlight for the thousands of tourists who visit Pembrokeshire every year for good reason - its tranquil waters and Eden-like ambiance will relax the most stressed souls.


The ponds were the brainchild of the Cawdor family, who owned the land and dammed the rivers to form the lily-covered ponds, decorating it with the romantic eight-arched stone bridge. The result is a haven-like trail that’s bursting with wildlife all year round - buzzing with dragonflies, swallows, and house martins. It should take half an hour to walk the ponds and explore the Mere Valley ponds behind the dunes of Broad Haven beach.


The Lily Ponds, Bosherston


When you’re done take in the glorious golden sands of Broad Haven South and for a more strenuous work out follow the coast path on towards Stackpole Head, round the headland, and on to Stackpole Quay where you can take the path back across to the eight-arched bridge.


Walking Guide


Walk time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Distance from Bluestone: It’s 25 minutes to the Bosherston car park

Toilets: Yes

Parking: There’s a small car park next to the church in the village of Bosherston

Food and drink: There are a pub, inn, and tea rooms (the latter being delightful) in Bosherston


Continuing on to Stackpole Quay can take up to four hours, but if you've got the time and a good pair of walking boots it's well worth the trip to take in the exceptional sights of the coast path. 


1. Start in the car park at Bosherston, where you’ll find toilets and picnic tables. Turn left of follow the path to the lake

2. Follow the path to the causeway use it to cross the lake, admiring the lilies as you go (they’re at their best in summer).

3. Continue on until you reach another causeway. On your left on your way will be Fishpond camp, an old coastal fort.

4. Cross the causeway and follow the water until you get to Grassy Bridge.

5. Here you have a choice - you can not cross and turn left, which will take you up for a look at the eight-arch bridge. Crossing the bridge and following the path thereafter will take you to Stackpole Quay and the coast path. For this walk, we’re going to cross the causeway.

6. Follow the ponds with the water on your right and you’ll reach the beach of Broad Haven. Stay awhile and explore one of Pembrokeshire’s best beaches.

7. From here you can carry on down the coastline behind the dunes to admire the Mere Pool Valley - then double back and turn left back up to the ponds and follow the path back to Bosherston.


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