People would spend less on meals out clothes and alcohol to pay for a good holiday

People would spend less money on meals out, new clothes and alcohol before buying supermarket own label or value food brands to save up for a holiday, it has emerged.

Families, couples and individuals would give up many of their luxuries in order to go on a short break holiday, but not change their food shopping habits, according to a survey undertaken by Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

In a survey, 53 per cent of respondents from throughout the UK said they would spend less money on meals out, while cutting back on new clothes and alcohol came a joint second at 35 per cent.

But few would switch supermarkets or turn to own label value food products to cut costs.

In fact, out of 1,172 respondents we found:

  • 12 per cent (141) would buy own brand or value food products
  • Only 8.4 per cent (99) would change supermarkets to save money
  • Nearly 14 per cent said they wouldn’t give up anything
  • 18 per cent would cut back on television and mobile subscriptions

It looks like a holiday is one priority most people would put before many other luxuries. Our survey shows how people would cut back on many of their luxuries, such as nights out or new clothes, but would continue with their food shopping habits.

It demonstrates how important a good holiday is for many and the priority they place on it when it comes to saving up for a short break away with a loved one, family or friends, while maintaining their household eating habits.

Would you cut back on anything for a luxury holiday? Let us know at or @bluestonewales


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