Village Green Playground

Ages   2+
Adult required

Climb to the top of the highest tower, whoosh as fast as you can down the slide, hop aboard the friendly bugs and steer the boat to your own personal paradise on an adventure fuelled by your imagination.

At our outdoor play area, you can run, tumble and conquer as you enjoy the freedom of the park. The area has been designed to encourage more physical exercise, with learning areas for children and most of all, plenty of opportunity for lots of fun. 

A great place for families to enjoy an afternoon, the playground is at the centre of the Bluestone Village and there are picnic tables and benches around the edge of the area where you can set up camp and enjoy a break while the kids play.


A Green Future

We worked with Milton Keynes-based company Kompan on the design of the play area, which shares some of our key beliefs.

They incorporate recycled materials wherever possible and use no plastics containing critical substances in their creation. Their production processes are also designed to minimise environmental impact and work with specific suppliers who comply with their high standards.