Get to Know Bluestone and Pembrokeshire

Bluestone National Park Resort is nestled in the heart of beautiful Pembrokeshire, and since 2008 has been welcoming guests to visit and experience the Free Range way of life. In that time we've grown and developed, whilst always staying true to, celebrating and protecting the stunning scenery of the county we're lucky to call home. 

Get to know us, and get to know Pembrokeshire, as we look forward to welcoming you to your Free Range Break.

Get to know: Bluestone


Over a Decade of Free Range Fun

In 2008, we opened our doors to guests for the very first time! Ever since then it's been a journey of growth, family and fun.

But we're not done yet! Bluestone's story continues, and we can't wait for you to be a part of it.


A Place to Unwind

Shortly after opening our Well Spa followed. A haven of relaxation where guests have been able to switch from the outside world and indulge in some well-earned tranquillity.

Did you know?

The Well Spa is built amongst the site of an ancient holy well, which would've attracted travellers to bathe in its mystic waters.


Bringing the Outdoors, Indoors

Home to activities, street food and spectacular shows, the Serendome is a U.K first and remains true to Bluestone's reputation as an all-weather destination. Rain or shine there's always fun under our giant umbrella!

Did you know?

"Seren" means "Star" in Welsh. A perfect name to reflect the feeling of adventure the Serendome represents.


Buzzing with Activity

A thriving hub for activity and play, The HIVE is a place where children can explore, play and grow.

In the main hall you'll find the Wonder Park, with our Power and Play towers ready to be scaled. The Kineticage and Airmaze will get the blood pumping further as well as a daring soar over the action below on the Adrenaline!

Sitting above the excitement is the NRG Lab Café serving healthy, fast food so you can refuel the fun.


Free Range Future

Nestled within beautiful Pembrokeshire, Bluestone is surrounded by rolling countryside, ancient woodland, incredible coastline, and is a habitat for a range of different species.

We strive to protect and enhance our beautiful and unique corner of Wales. We believe that it is our duty to run our business in a sustainable and responsible manner, and in pursuit of that aim, we have developed our plan for a Free Range Future - a movement that encompasses a wide range of projects intended to benefit our community and ensure our environmental footsteps are as light as possible.






Get to know: Pembrokeshire


Picturesque Pembrokeshire

We're lucky here at Bluestone in that we're situated in the heart of picturesque Pembrokeshire. Golden beaches, rolling hills and sweeping countryside make up the landscape of the county we call home.

Amongst the scenery, ancient history and hidden gems are waiting to be discovered and make Pembrokeshire perfect for exploring.


Magic of the Coast

186 miles, 52 beaches, and home to endless magic moments, the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is a treasure trove of scenic exploration.

From golden coasts to rugged charm, with secret spots hidden along the way, visiting the coast is a must during your trip to Pembrokeshire.

Did you know?

Pembrokeshire is home to lots of Blue Flag beaches. An award recognising the highest level of cleanliness and water quality, celebrating the best beaches in the UK.


Spectacular Landscapes

Away from the coast, the picture of Pembrokeshire is that of thriving woodland and sweeping scenery. On Bluestone's doorstep, the ancient trees of Canaston and Minwear Woods surround us, that can be explored on a woodland walk.

Rising above the landscape, the impressive Preseli Hills sit. Rising and falling along the horizon, the hills house spectacular views, wonderous walks and bygone tales to be heard.


History Waiting to be Discovered

Pembrokeshire's rich history stretches back thousands of years and is filled with unique and mysterious relics from a fascinating past.

Neolithic burial chambers, standing stones, remains of Iron Age Forts and ruins of holy buildings are nestled into the landscape and seem so naturally placed, you'd be forgiven for thinking they'd been there forever.

Did you know?

Bluestones taken from the Preseli Hills were used in the construction of Stonehenge.





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