Bluestone appoints Head of Community and Sustainability Development

Bluestone has announced the recruitment of Marten Lewis as Head of Community and Sustainability Development furthering its commitment to its 740 members of staff and the local area. Well known throughout Pembrokeshire and the neighbouring counties, Marten brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In his 15 years working in Pembrokeshire’s voluntary sector, Marten has engaged over 30,000 young people in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through various education programs. His hard work has earned him numerous awards and recognition, including a Pembrokeshire Hero Award and a Fellowship with the Royal Society of Art, Manufacturing, and Commerce.

Marten has been well known to Bluestone through his work at the Darwin Centre as the Executive Director. From this, he was invited to join the Bluestone Foundation Steering Group in 2010 helping to oversee the introduction of their Community Fund which has gifted over £140,000 to Pembrokeshire causes since 2013.

“I am incredibly proud to have joined the Bluestone team, an organisation that I have engaged with and watched grow over the last 10 years. This role will allow me to help Bluestone to continue to evolve and break ground in its efforts to become a beacon of social responsibility in Pembrokeshire, Wales and beyond.”

“This exciting new role around sustainable development will see me working across a broad range of projects including health, welfare, operating practices, environment, and community both at the resort and across the county.” 

The appointment of Marten Lewis confirms Bluestone’s commitment to these important areas and signals a further expansion of its current focus.

Bluestone CEO William McNamara added: “We opened Bluestone in 2008 with a vision of becoming an economic driver for rural Pembrokeshire. A decade on, with a 700-plus strong workforce and a multi-million-pound contribution to the local economy, that vision is close to being realised.

"The appointment of Marten marks an important milestone for the resort and we’re delighted to welcome him to the Bluestone family.”