Bluestone birds nestle into their new homes thanks to Portfield School

The birds at Bluestone National Park Resort are settling into their new birdhouses thanks to Class H1 at Portfield School in Haverfordwest.

“The 500 acres at Bluestone is home to many species of birds, from House Sparrows to Red Kites, we even have a family of Barn Owls too. We were looking at a way of encouraging more birds to make their nests at the resort and thanks to the team at Portfield we now have 24 new bird boxes to provide the perfect homes” said Marten Lewis, Bluestone’s Head of Community and Sustainable Development.

The project started in March when Marten visited the class to give a workshop on the ecosystem at Bluestone. During the session, the children were presented with 24 bird box kits which were made by Bluestone’s Ranger Rob MacKeen.

“After learning about Bluestone's biodiversity plan and the British Trust of Ornithologists (BTO) National Nest Box Week Campaign, the children were tasked with putting together the boxes as part of their craft lessons, numbering and decorating them.”

Mrs Philipps-Waring from the school said, “The pupils had a brilliant time making the bird boxes and were delighted to be invited to Bluestone for the day to see them being put up in the woods. They had a great time with Rob the Bluestone Ranger who was amazing with the whole class and took time to answer the children’s many questions. The children are looking forward to keeping updated on the popularity of their birdhouses.”

The project is part of Bluestone's ongoing commitment to building a sustainable future through their Free Range Future campaign.