UKs leading cleaning Industry gives Bluestone housekeepers top marks for the cleanliness of the resort

The UK’s leading independent, professional, and educational body within the cleaning industry has awarded Pembrokeshire’s Bluestone National Park Resort with top marks for its accommodation cleaning standards and training.

As the company launches a recruitment drive offering enhanced salaries to its housekeeping team, the British Institute of Cleaning Science confirmed its recent BICS Accredited Audit recorded a 100% score for the training provided, a 94% score for its housekeeping personnel, and an overall 85% pass rate.

The company recently launched a new pay scheme for its housekeeping team, allowing them to undertake a workload that suits them. It means they can earn up to £14 an hour and have the opportunity to use the resort’s spa and water park for free as well as the resort’s restaurants with a discount out of work time.

Sian Straczek, Head of Accommodation Services at Bluestone, near Narberth, praised her team for their hard work.

“The BICS assessor stated that both the standards on the resort and our team are outstanding. She pointed out that achieving a pass on the first audit is unheard of,” said Sian.

Bluestone which employs more than 800 people across its departments at its 500-acre resort and attracts thousands of visitors to West Wales every year, has more than 300 lodges, cottages and apartments. Each needs rigorous cleaning and the company currently employs more than 293 housekeeping staff to undertake this.

“Cleanliness is a high priority for us. Our guests expect the best when they walk into their accommodation. Our team are highly trained and undergoes continual training and education. It’s a testament to this and them that we’ve achieved such a high pass rate in the BICS audit.”

The new Lodge Allocation Pay scheme allows trained housekeepers to take on additional responsibilities if they choose, including cleaning additional lodges on their shift. Backed up with assistants, the scheme means they can increase their hourly wage up to £14.

“The pay scheme means team members who are fully trained and are proficient at their work can decide if they want to undertake additional tasks during their shift, such as cleaning more lodges,” said Sian.

“With the support of their managers and colleagues, they can increase or decrease their responsibilities at any time, meaning it’s a very flexible way of earning additional wages should they wish.

“The roles are also very flexible, such as family-friendly shift times, the ability to work a range of week or weekend shifts and more. And they get some great perks by being able to use facilities at Bluestone for free or with significant discounts.”

Denise Hanson of BICS and who carried out the review for the Lodge Allocation Pay scheme, said: “BICSc are advocates of payment for skills, by this we recommend that a skilled and efficient operative is paid a higher hourly rate than an operative who has just started in the cleaning industry and is establishing their own routines and capabilities.

“The potential of Bluestone paying a higher rate for operatives who achieve a more effective pattern and increased output in their role would fit into our recommendation and recognise cleaning excellence”.

Melanie Grange, People Services Manager at Bluestone, said the outstanding BICS audit and the launch of the Lodge Allocation Pay Scheme demonstrated how Bluestone was committed to providing good career opportunities in the area.

“As a responsible employer, we fully understand and appreciate our responsibilities to our employees. Training, a great working environment, and good pay form part of that,” she said.

“We have a high retention rate. This is down to these factors and many more employee benefits.”

The company is currently recruiting more housekeeping staff as it prepares to launch its Platinum Lodges where additional 80 lodges are being launched over the coming months.

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