Every drop counts – How Bluestone reduced water use by 70% and cut greenhouse emissions

Wales’ largest tourism provider continues to reduce its impact on the climate after reducing water use in its guest showers by more than 70 per cent and cutting energy use at the same time.


Bluestone National Park Resort, near Narberth, Pembrokeshire, has installed aerators into 430 showers in its lodges, cottages, and apartments at the 500-acre resort and private village, reducing the average flow per use from 20 litres a minute to just six – a 70 per cent reduction.


Not only has the investment cut water use, but it has also cut energy use and costs.


Marten Lewis, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Bluestone, said a small investment in the aerators had resulted in significant payback in terms of energy cost savings in the first year. And this will continue year-on-year.


“We’re constantly looking at ways of reducing our impact on climate change and every little helps. In this case, we were monitoring our water and electricity and it highlighted just how much unnecessary water was flowing through an individual shower.


“The aerators fitted, reduce the amount of flow without affecting the shower user’s experience. Our guests will still feel the same effect, but the showers are just using a higher mix of air and water.”


Marten said an additional benefit was in the amount of hot water used. “As a result of using less water from the tank, you don’t need to heat up as a much water. This cuts the energy use and means our guests don’t have to heat the water tank up as much for showering,” he said.


The energy use reduced by around 208,000KW/h a year, cutting energy bills.


“More importantly, using less water and less energy has resulted in a reduction of more than 48 tonnes of greenhouse emissions,” added Marten.


Bluestone is continuously looking at ways to reduce its carbon emissions while increasing the biodiversity at the resort. Previously the site was intensively farmed pastureland with almost no species. Today, that figure is now in its thousands and increasing with more wildlife and fauna being discovered every year.


The resort now plans to install aerators into all its taps across the park, from guest accommodation to venues and offices.