Hedgehogs ready to check in to their new homes at Bluestone

Patients who have spent their winter hibernation at the Pembrokeshire Hogspital will have exciting new homes to call their own at Bluestone.

The ten-acre release site at the resort has been lovingly prepared by Bluestone’s team of Marten Lewis and Rob Mackeen, Amaia Otxoa, and Itxasne Aguirre international volunteers from the National Trust at Stackpole and Russ Spenceley from the Pembrokeshire Hogspital.

Marten Lewis, Head of Community and Sustainable Development at Bluestone said, “We’re really excited to have been chosen as a release site for the Pembrokeshire Hospital. Our Ranger Rob has designed and made three hedgehog huts which will make warm and safe environments for the hedgehogs when they are ready to be released back into the wild.”

“In the same area as these wooden huts, we’ve made four wild homes in the hedgerows from offcuts of wood, with hidden sawdust beds inside. It was a pleasure to be joined by Russ from the Hogspital and the team at the National Trust for the placing of these houses and we’re looking forward to checking in our hedgehog guests in the coming weeks.”  

Russ Spenceley from the Pembrokeshire Hogspital said, “We take in around 200 hedgehogs a year, and this has been a particularly busy hibernation season for us. The 10-acre site at Bluestone will provide the perfect environment for our hedgehogs that are ready to head back into the wild. The new guests will be micro-chipped before they are released so we will be able to keep track of their progress and movements. We’re sure they’ll be very happy in their new homes.”