Mysterious Visitor Appears at Bluestone

Just as the long nights of autumn begin to descend and Halloween looms on the horizon, a mysterious presence has emerged at Bluestone.

In the last few weeks, visitors to the Pembrokeshire resort have noticed an eerie face appear in the ancient slab of Preseli bluestone that overlooks the village.

“It’s become quite a talking point,” said Bluestone’s resident historian and storyteller Terry John.

“And funnily enough, there is an old story about a witch who lived around these parts in medieval times and was turned to stone for encouraging people to dance on a Sunday.

“Her name was Tanglwyst. She was imprisoned in Llawhaden Castle for making an effigy of the Bishop of St Davids and sticking pins in it but was broken out by her lover, one of the Owens of Orielton.

“In those days, dancing on a Sunday was quite a sin. People who dared to usually got a warning from the local clergyman, and if they ignored him – so legend has it - they’d suffer the wrath of God and be turned to stone.

“There are three standing stones down at Bosherston said to be dancers who’d suffered divine punishment, and, apparently, Tanglwyst experienced the same fate for encouraging the children of the old village of Newton – which was basically where the Bluestone village now stands - to disrespect the Sabbath in the same way.

“So who knows? Maybe this stone is actually the trapped soul of Tanglwyst the witch. Maybe not. Either way, I’d say there’s more than a ghost of a chance that she finds her way into the Halloween celebrations at Bluestone this year!”

After the amazing popularity of last year’s event, Spooky Splash will again be the centerpiece of the Bluestone’s Halloween activities. On October 29, the waters of Blue Lagoon will run blood red, and there’ll be fire acts, an amazing angle grinders show, and a troupe of dancing zombies.

Halloween at Bluestone will also feature pumpkin parades, monster makeovers, ghost stories, and much else besides – all designed to thrill, chill, delight and enchant.

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