Pembrokeshire College team get hands on at Bluestone

As part of a new partnership between Bluestone National Park Resort and Pembrokeshire College, students are gaining valuable hands-on work experience.

The young people are working with various businesses in the county to provide opportunities to experience different types of vocational work. In times where experience is crucial to career development especially as you begin to climb the employment ladder, this partnership can have a real impact locally.

Phil Sadler from Pembrokeshire College said ‘The Platform course is designed to give the students experience in a wide variety of vocational subjects to help spark an interest in a potential future career. So far we have helped Bluestone’s Ranger Rob to improve various habitats as part of the biodiversity work in the National Park and learned willow weaving skills.  The students are enjoying their time here and look forward to the next visit.’

Marten Lewis Head of Community and Sustainable Development at Bluestone commented: ‘It is great to build on the relationship with Pembrokeshire College, and particularly pleasing to see the students enjoy getting their hands on, we have already had a request from a student about potential career opportunities here at Bluestone. We look forward to a long a fruitful relationship with the Platform students going forwards. I would like to thank our Ranger Rob, Phil, and Geraint from Pembrokeshire College and the students for their hard work”.