Myths and Legends

Calling all pirates, knights and warriors!

March 27th to May 31st 2020

Step back in time, uncover epic tales and enchanting history of Bluestone during the Myths and Legends Festival.

From tales of King Arthur, to the wild Celts and magical Medieval knights that once roamed Pembrokeshire's hills - there's wonder, mystery and more than a few rogues to discover during this exciting season.

It's not just land dwellers you'll have to keep an eye out for. The Legends of the Sea will return to the resort for another dastardly year, with Captain Black Bart - Pembrokeshire's most infamous pirate - up to his usual shenanigans.

Join us from March 27th to May 31st 2020 for swashbuckling adventures and tales from the high seas!

The Knights of Bluestone

Step back into the world of Medieval Pembrokeshire every Thursday and Sunday* during the Myths and Legends Festival, as the magnificent Knights of Arkley invade Bluestone for action-packed activities and heroic adventures.

The scene will be set for battles on the Tournament Field, heraldic competitions and medieval fun, as you are transported back to the age of chivalry where Knights ruled wild West Wales.

Knight School at Myths and Legends Festival

From watching the Bluestone Knights, to transforming into one - anything is possible at our exciting craft workshop.

Myths and Legends Workshop

You will need to bring your imagination, energy and your most crafted minded adult to this craft workshop. 

It's the season of legends and its time to play! 

At this up-cycling masterclass, you'll work together with different materials to create wonderful costume and creations inspired by our Myths and Legends festival.

What you become is completely up to you! A knight of the Round Table ready to join the our own band of heroes; a Celtic warrior roaming the Pemrokeshire Hills; Or, why not try a fearsome pirate like the great Barti Ddu!

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castell henlys

For thousands of years, Pembrokeshire has been known as the land of mystery and enchantment and from neolithic monuments to the ruins of Norman castles, these myths and legends have endured and are still visible in the county today. 

Where History Comes Alive

Pembrokeshire has featured in some of histories most important moments and you can learn more about them on your break. During your visit you can go North and explore St David's Cathedral and visit the tomb of Wales' patron saint, St David in the city that he founded and now bears his name. 

 Or head south to Pembroke Castle, the birthplace of Henry VII and later on towards Dale where at Mill Bay, after 28 years in exile, the future king landed with his supporters and marched to the Battle of Bosworth, where he defeated Richard III and claimed the throne. 

You don't even have to leave the resort to feel in touch with history. The ruins of Castell Coch can be found within the 500-acre resort and has it's own captivating tale.

  • It's great that Bluestone is highlighting its amazing coastline and bringing local myths & legends to life!

    Jenkins Family, Cardiff