Myths and Legends

Calling all pirates, knights and wizards!

Step back in time, uncover epic tales and enchanting history of Bluestone during the Myths and Legends Festival.

From tales of King Arthur, to the wild Celts and magical Medieval knights that once roamed Pembrokeshire's hills - there's wonder, mystery and more than a few rogues to discover during this exciting season.

It's not just land dwellers you'll have to keep an eye out for. The Legends of the Sea will return to the resort for another dastardly year, with Captain Black Bart making anchor in the Wildwood Cafe for the infamous pirate's dinner show.

Join us from March 29th to June 2nd for swashbuckling adventures and tales from the high seas!

Knight School

Discover what it takes to become a real hero at the Myths and Legends Knights school, where kids will be introduced to sword fighting and get up close with the brave warriors of the battlefield. Each Knight has his own tale to be told and guests will get a chance to learn more about these Pembrokeshire legends during the free session.

For more details please ask in the Booking Office during your break.

  • Knights of Arkley - Knight School

The Knights of Bluestone

Step back into the world of Medieval Pembrokeshire every Thursday and Sunday* during our Myths and Legends Festival, as the magnificent Knights of Arkley invade Bluestone for action-packed activities and heroic adventures.

The scene will be set for battles on the tournament field, heraldic competitions and medieval fun, as you are transported back to the age of chivalry where Knights ruled wild West Wales.

**Excludes April 21st

The Tournament March

The Adventure Centre

6:30pm | 15 mins

The Myths & Legends Festival begins after Black Bart's Dinner show, where two knights on horseback will meet guests to escort them back in time as the guests of honour at Bluestone's very own Medieval tournament. 

Guests will bring all the activity crafts made during the seasonal workshop for a parade that unites the myths of Land and sea - including Black Bart, Pembrokeshire's most legendary pirate.

 The parade will set off from the Adventure Centre at the end of the Black Bart Dinner Show at approximately 6:45pm, with guests welcome to gather from 6:30pm.

Jousting Tournament 

The Tournament Field

6:45 | 30 mins

*FANFARE* Join us for a Medieval celebration like no other where you'll hear the crash of shields and the thunder of hooves! 

Meet the legendary Knights, gasp as they demonstrate their incredible skill on horseback and try not to cover your eyes as they joust with lances across a 70ft tilt. The brave contenders will show off their sword fight and battle in the grande finale dragon challenge as they compete to become the ultimate Bluestone warrior.

Legends' Parade & Festival 

The Tournament Field | The Village


After all the excitement of the tournament, it's time to celebrate the winning Knight at the Legends' Festival. Follow our heroic Knights as they parade from the tournament field to the village where games and live music will have you partying like it's the Middle Ages!

✧ ✧

For a taster of what you can look forward to during the Myths and Legends Festival enjoy this display of the Knights of Arkley and learn more about them here.

**Please Note: All times/activity length are approximate and are subject to change.

Black Bart's Dinner Show

Join the swashbuckling tale of the most famous Pembrokeshire Pirate. Become part of the crew through galleon games, shipwreck sing-a-longs and treasure chest challenges. Experience the adventure and re-live the tale of the rise of Captain Bartholomew Roberts!

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  • Legends of the sea dinner show

Sea Umbrella

Dive in with some Woody Wild imagination as you create your own sea themed sensory umbrella. A spectacle for the Parade and Festival drawing inspiration from our incredible Pembrokeshire coast!

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  • Legends of the sea craft

Seabed Kingdom

Let your imagination run wild as you craft your very own magical little Seabed Kingdom. Grab your wooden base and use a blend of natural materials such as clay, sticks, stones, moss, leaves and other wonders of the forest. What will you dream up?

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  • Craft Paint Leaves

Fish Lantern

Create your very own Fish Lantern design using willow bends and natural materials, all in time to show off your creation with pride at our Legends of the Sea Parade and Festival!

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  • Legends of the sea willow
  • It's great that Bluestone is highlighting its amazing coastline and bringing local myths & legends to life!

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