Outdoor Detectives

What will you find in the forest?

Calling all outdoor detectives aged 3-7! Join our Rangers for a fun-filled voyage of discovery through our miles of woodland paths, discovering the beasts and bugs that inhabit this little kingdom.

What's involved: 

  • Complete with Ranger utility belt, our intrepid explorers will complete a wonder-filled journey through the forest

  • This activity meets at Ranger HQ before heading into the Nature Trail

  • The Free Rangers will be taking a closer look at the wonderful wildlife around the Bluestone resort

  • Build confidence and learn new skills while learning about the magic of nature


  • Ages 3-7
  • 1 hour
  • Ranger HQ
  • Adult required
  • March - September
Outdoor detectives child
Outdoor detectives ranger HQ
Outdoor detectives baby frog
Outdoor detectives holding bug
Outdoor detectives bug jar
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