Let The Games Begin

Discover your inner warrior as you learn to throw an axe, hit the bulls-eye with a bow and arrow and take aim and fire your laser rifle. Have you got what it takes to emerge as a champion of the field? It's not for the faint-hearted, only the bravest fighters triumph here! 

Axe Throwing 👪

Experience the thrill of Axe throwing at Bluestone, the newest addition to our Tournament Field. Unleash your inner warrior as you discover if you have what it takes to hit the bulls-eye. As you perfect your Axe throwing technique watch your Tomahawk hatchet as it rotates through the air and sinks into the wooden target. 10 yrs plus Adult supervision required

  • axe throwing
  • axe throwing
  • Axe Throwing

Laser Clay Shoot 👪

Pull! Shoot… Win. When you hear the word “pull” your senses will be twitching in readiness as you aim at the clay flying through the air. Track, aim and fire your laser rifle to get yourself on the leaderboard. 8yrs+ Parents to drop off and collect.

  • Lasey clay Field
  • Front on look at Laser Clay
  • Laser Clay Close Up


Armed with a bow and arrows, see how your skills measure against those of Twm Sion Cati, the Welsh Robin Hood. 8yrs+ Parents to drop off and collect.

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  • Archery with Targets
  • Archery at the Tournament Field
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