Let The Games Begin

Our arena of champions, discover your inner warrior on the tournament field as you learn to throw an axe, send a spear flying through the air and hit the bulls-eye with a bow and arrow! 

Have you got what it takes to emerge as the champion? It's not for the faint-hearted, only the bravest fighters triumph here! 

Axe Throwing 👪

Experience the thrill of axe throwing during an exhilarating session at our tournament field. Receive expert tuition and discover if you have what it takes to hit that bulls-eye. Perfect for all levels of ability, you can progress from a basic axe up to a tomahawk hatchet and take part in competitions with others on your session.

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  • axe throwing
  • axe throwing
  • Axe Throwing

Spear Throwing

New for February 2019! The ultimate test of strength, power and skill - Spear Throwing is reserved only for the most fearsome, battle-hardy warriors. During the session you'll unleash your inner hunter as you learn to wield the spear. With expert guidance, you'll discover if you have what it takes to master this ancient art or will you leave the field defeated?

Please Note: Sessions can be booked from 09/02/2019

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  • spear throwing


Put your archery skills to the test with a fun-filled session at the tournament field. Whether you're a natural with the bow and arrow or it's your first time, our rangers are on hand with all the guidance you need to hit that bulls-eye. You'll be the Robin Hood of Bluestone Forest in no time!

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  • Archery with Targets
  • Archery at the Tournament Field
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