S T A R C H I T E C T S 

Winter Lights' Serendome Spectacular

Remember when the floor was made of lava and a cardboard box could be anything and everything? When your room became a universe filled with unbelievable adventures to the edges of the universe? 

This January witness the tale of the young Starchitects who, dream of exploring the dark skies above and join them on their mission to touch the moon. Along the way they encounter sensory wonders and spectacular creatures of space. Complete your mission, touch the moon and find out if you have what it takes to join our elite space force. 

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Starchitects is a fun-filled family show, telling the story of our adventurers’ intrepid journey to the moon using breath-taking dance-circus, acrobatics and digital imagery to surprise and delight our audiences. 



We'll be blasting off on an adventure of a lifetime from January 6th to March 26th 2020, so make sure you’ve booked your seat on board for a voyage out of this world!

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Serendome’s First Spectacular of 2020 

Following the magical tale of Christmasland’s Little Merelf, Winter Lights brings us the first Spectacular show of 2020 in the form of Starchitects. 


Taking place in Serendome’s Cloud Theatre our state-of-the-art outdoor amphitheatre, the Spectaculars blend live performance, dance-circus, theatre and digital projections to create a sensory experience all ages can enjoy. 

It's Chilly Out In Space

serendome night sky

The Cloud Theatre, is our outdoor amphitheatre under Serendome's transparent roof and while you will be protected from most of the elements, it will feel like you're outdoors. 

Please remember to wrap-up warm for the performances and bring blankets to snuggle up under!

Winter Lights 2020
Winter Lights 2020

STARCHITECTS is part of our Winter Lights 2020 festival. Discover what other exciting activities you can enjoy during the celebrations, taking place January 7th to March 26th 2020.

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Winter Breaks

Enjoy the spell-binding performance of STARCHITECTS on a midweek or weekend break here at Bluestone Resort.