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Showing articles from November 2015


The Drovers Roads of Pembrokeshire

By Terry John

November was, and is, a busy time on the farms in the parish of Newton North, where Bluestone now stands. Houses and outbuildings had to be prepared for rough weather during the winter. Chimneys were swept, for a shaft clogged with soot might be ignited by the constant fires burning on the hearths below. Read More

Paper Snowflakes on Door

Homemade Christmas Snowflake Decorations

By Harriet Scoot

With only a month to go until Christmas Eve, surely it’s time to be thinking about Christmas decorations (if you haven’t already)!
Although we’ve been feeling festive since the 6th November when Christmasland and Kingdom of the Elves arrived at Bluestone, we realised our offices were lacking in Christmas cheer. Now we couldn’t be having that, so decided to make some quick and easy paper snowflakes to stick all around us. Read More

Kingdom of the Elves 2016 Elf Toy

Questions To Ask Your Children About Christmas

By Kathryn Slade

Children say the funniest things! We want to know what your children think about Christmas. We asked Poppy aged 4 and a half the following to see what she said. Ask your children the same questions and share them with us on Facebook for the chance to win one of five Kingdom of the Elves toys in time for Christmas! Read More

Father Christmas on Throne

10 Tips For Writing The Perfect Letter To Father Christmas

By Kathryn Slade

Now we know that Father Christmas is always checking to see who is being naughty and who is being nice! Every year there is a very special letter that he waits for from all of the boys and girls. I spoke to one of our Elves at this year’s Kingdom of the Elves adventure to see if they had any tips when you are writing! Read More


Llanwnda a magical place

By Terry John

Just a mile or two from Fishguard, on the Pencaer peninsula, and overlooking the sea stands the little hamlet of Llanwnda. Read More

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