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Nature Trail 470

Take a piece of our Nature Trail home with you

By Ged Davies

Our Bluestone Nature Trail is blooming wonderful with all the sunshine we have been having lately! With the flowers going to seed, our sustainability manager Ged has some top tips on taking a small handful home with you to start a nature paradise of your own. Read More

Playing bulldog outside

18 outdoor games everyone played as children

Do your children play the games you loved in your youth? Here are 18 classic outdoor games to play on holiday or at home Read More

Historic Ghosts of Pembrokeshire

By Simon Hancock

Pembrokeshire has a huge numbers of ghostly tales which go right back to the earliest written records of the history of this part of south west Wales.
Read More

Welsh words

24 Welsh words and sayings that will warm your heart

The Welsh language is a beautiful collection of words like no other in the world - here are 24 of our favourite words, sayings and phrases. Read More

The Bluestone resort is ideal for forest bathing

The benefits of forest bathing on holiday

Have you heard of forest bathing? The simple pleasure of being in the woods has a multitude of benefits. Read More

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