What is the Bluestone Blogger Programme?

We are looking for people to join our team of Bluestone Bloggers and experience all that we and Pembrokeshire have to offer. The application is simple, just take a minute to enter your details on the application form. 

You don’t just have to bring your family, we’ll try our best to accommodate grandparents, aunties, friends, and anyone else you would like to share your Bluestone experience with! We will then review your application and be in touch to book your break if you are successful.

Please read our standard Terms & Conditions as, should your application be successful, your break will be bound by these: http://www.bluestonewales.com/privacy-and-security/terms-and-conditions

Application Form   Media Pack

Working with us

 If you’re lucky enough to be selected to join our blogger programme, there are a few things we expect from you in return:

  • You’ll need to be a bit of a social media pro, we would like to see a pre-arrival post on your favourite social media network, at least one post per day using the #bluestoneblogger tag, and as many posts after your stay as you like!
  • A few posts on all the other social media channels you’ve joined.
  • Your review shared on all the social media sites you have an account with.
  • Permission for Bluestone to use any photos published during your stay.
  • We also expect you to be able to take part in the activities available in the package you select, so please bear this in mind during the application process.