Watersports Perfect For Families

Bring everyone together with an adventure out on the water. We’ve got some great family-friendly options to try while you’re here and no matter what age or ability, you’ll be guaranteed a great day out!


Getting Out On The Water


Kayaking and Canoeing

Kayaking or canoeing is the perfect family activity and hugely popular with all ages in Pembrokeshire, where you’ll see groups along the coast, at beaches, and along the coast. It’s so simple to learn that all ages can easily take part, so perfect for a group of mixed abilities and ages.

Where to try it:

You can kayak right here on the resort with us on Bluestone’s private lake. The sessions are for ages 8+ are taken by our friendly team of instructors, who will help you grasps the basics and help you build confidence.  The Bluestone lake is a calm and tranquil place even on the windiest days - the perfect conditions for a kayak.

Or, you can off resort and try our fantastic River Adventure Day, where the whole family can spend the day paddling on the nearby Cleddau Estuary. A great day out, you'll even stop to cook your own lunch on the riverbank (minimum age 6). 



We’ve found our own way in Pembrokeshire to explore those bits of the coast you can’t reach by footpath or boat – Coasteering! A thrilling mix of cliff jumping, rock climbing, and wild swimming, you’ll be exploring caves, scrambling up cliffs, and reaching unexplored places as you navigate your way along the coastline.

Where to try it:

The perfect adventure along the coast, you can enjoy a coasteering session on our Coast Adventure Day. Including kayaking, beach exploring, and a coasteering session - you'll get to explore hidden coves, isolated beaches, caves, and much more! 



Stand on a board and paddle yourself along – what could be simpler than that? We love paddleboarding, it’s great fun in a group and even better when the sun is shining. Accessible to everyone, even those who struggle at first, get the hang of it quickly and if not, they have fun trying.
No prior experience is necessary, so if you’re new to watersports then it’s a great one to try first.


Where to try it:

You can try paddleboarding with us at Bluestone on our private lake. Each session is accompanied by a qualified instructor who will take you out and teach you the basics. There are never more than two sessions running on the lake at any time, so there’s plenty of room to enjoy yourself. It's a great family activity and lots of fun, find out more about our sessions.



All Ages, All Abilities

For something a little less exerting and that all ages and abilities can enjoy, try these.

Boat Tours

If you’d rather leave the heavy lifting to someone else, why not try a boat tour? Open for all ages there is a range available including tours along the coast and down the Cleddau estuary as well as wildlife spotting excursions where you can spot the famous wildlife that calls Pembrokeshire home.


Where to try it:

There are tours leaving from various locations around the coast. One of the most popular is the region around Skomer Island which is designated a Marine Nature Reserve – one of only three in the UK. The cliffs are packed with puffins, guillemots and other sea birds and a tour really lets you get close to them in their natural habitat. There are also specific tours to look for marine mammals like dolphins, porpoises, seals, and even sometimes – whales.

For some guidance on what's on offer, try our boat trip guide, which will help you find the best fit for you and your family. 


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