The Benefits Of A Spa Visit

A spa break might not seem essential, but with life moving so fast, maybe it should be?

In our demanding society time and maintaining our physical and mental health should be a top priority. The ability to switch off and relax not only helps you juggle stress and pressures, but it can also make a real difference to your ability to function in all aspects of life and prevent some problems escalating further.

During your break to Bluestone there are many reasons to visit the Well Spa Retreat, our centre of relaxation at Bluestone, but here are a few benefits you might not have considered.


A Digital Detox

From social media to a constant stream of emails and 24-hour news demanding attention, we’re never really “off the clock”. Thanks to our devices, we can be contacted by anyone, wherever, whenever and while this might be convenient, it leaves little time to properly relax. We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our devices and many of us struggle to put them away or turn them off, but a break from your phone might be just what you need.

Devices can’t follow you into the spa and this digital detox means there are no distractions and you have no choice but to let your mind disengage with the world outside of the spa.


Time Out

Even without your phone, it can be hard to relax and if you feel like you’re struggling to switch off, the spa could be just what you need. Aside from the physical treatments offered, the entire spa experience has been designed as a tranquil retreat from the real world which instills peace and calm - helping you deal with stress, worry, and tension.

From the choice of decoration to the lighting, music, and even the scent of the rooms, it helps you feel calmer, more relaxed, and can transform your mood in a positive way. Spending even just an hour or so in this kind of atmosphere provides you with space to finally let go of the tensions you’ve been carrying around.


A Good Night Sleep

Stress goes hand-in-hand with sleepless nights, not only causing them but also being the result of sleep deprivation. No-one feels good waking up after a disturbed night and this can have a massive impact on your ability to function.

Spa treatments and thermal rooms help raise your body temperature, which in turn helps you relax and makes you more tired. After your treatment, your body is in a better state for a good night's sleep – leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of your break.


Physical Fitness

You might not associate relaxation with physical fitness, but it's an essential part of staying fit and healthy. Many relaxation methods and treatments have been linked to helping manage different medical conditions such as the lowering of blood pressure and the benefits of ridding toxins from your body.


Pain Relief

If you've picked up any niggles, aches, or pains a massage or similar treatment could be exactly what you need for pain relief. Our spa therapists are experienced in dealing with a range of different issues and can recommend specific treatments that could help you get some much-needed relief.


The Well Spa Retreat
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