Try The Alternative Gym

A holiday might be the perfect time to treat yourself, but equally, there’s nothing wrong with squeezing in a workout!

At Bluestone, we are lucky enough to be home to an amazing natural gym full of fresh air and brilliant views. It’s open 24 hours a day, is free, and you can use it however you like. Here are some ideas to get you started.


The Bluestone Workout Plan


Turn exercise into family time

Hire some bikes and head off along the local trails; you could set up a rounder’s pitch and have a game or team up in our many activities. You’ll soon work up a sweat in the Steep Ravine or battle it out on the lake with stand-up paddle boarding in the summer months! There are many areas of the resort where you can raise your heartbeat and have endless fun simultaneously. Try negotiating the Sky Walk at Serendome or take on the High Ropes course in the Steep Ravine.



Go for a run

As the sun rises, you’ll often spot the early birds among us jogging around the resort. Venture into the nature trail where the changing terrain means your body gets a slightly harder workout. It can help enhance the strength of the connective tissues, which can help you build resistance to certain types of injury.



Time yourself on the boardwalk

The zig-zag down to Camp Smokey is a great way to build up some speed. Sprint to the top, relax on the way down, and then get back to the top as fast as possible.



Make walking and cycling part of the fun

Treadmills might have many benefits, but repeating the same action can lead to injury or strain. Walk a lap of the entire resort instead, and do your best to power up any hills you meet on your journey! Cycling around the park is another great way to exercise during your break and explore the trails on the park and the surrounding areas.



Make the weather work for you

It’s not always sunny and still in Pembrokeshire, but running in the wind offers a great workout. You’ll burn more calories if you’re running into a headwind, and a tailwind can speed you up whilst strengthening your larger muscle fibres, so it’s a win, win!


Make a list of things you’ll see on your journey, and every time you come across them, do ten bodyweight exercises. For every buggy, you see, you do ten squats, and for every rabbit, you’ll need to do ten push-ups. It’s a really fun way to mix up your exercise regime!

Even better, these all happen outside rather than in a sweaty gym! Research suggests that exercising outdoors is more enjoyable, increases energy, and boosts general well-being.
Give it a go during your Bluestone break, and remember, if you work too hard, you can always head to the Well Spa for a well-deserved massage or to unwind in the thermal suites.



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