Welcome Back to The Well Spa

Welcome back to the Well Spa Retreat - how lovely it is to be able to say those words! We’re so excited that we’re able to re-open our sanctuary on the resort, where everything is in line with the current Government guidelines. While it’s not fully back to normal quite yet, our incredible treatments including massages and facials are available to enjoy, and we hope to reopen the thermal suites again soon.


We know you’re all curious about what’s been happening at the Well Spa Retreat, so we took a trip to our oasis of tranquillity, to find out exactly what the experience will be like for our guests.


Kathryn’s verdict:

“After the best part of a year, it was amazing to step through the doors of the spa again, I’ve always felt that it’s almost like a portal to a completely new space with its unique energy, and that was the same even wearing my mask. The maintenance team has certainly kept busy while the spa has been closed, as it’s had a lovely makeover inspired by the Pembrokeshire Coast with sandy hues and beautiful blues.

I was welcomed by the spa receptionist, who took my temperature and shown the hand sanitiser. I was then shown through to my own waiting area, there are 10 areas, with each therapist having their own special place. Here I filled out my consultation form, which included questions on general health, and my wishes for my treatment.

I’d chosen the 50-minute Hot Stone Massage, it’s my absolute favourite so clearly the obvious choice for my first trip back to the spa.



I was shortly met by Gabriella, and as we walked up to the treatment rooms together, she talked about the benefits of the massage I had chosen. I’ve noticed a lot of tension in my shoulders recently, and I was pleased to learn that a Hot Stone, can work 6x deeper than a massage using only hands. It also helps to warm the muscles, helping them to relax so releasing more tensions, so it’s especially good if you’re prone to muscular aches and pains.

Once in my treatment room, each of which is named after precious stones with mine being called Ruby, Gabriella went through my answers to the consultation form, completed a track and trace form, and left me to make myself comfortable. I was given a warm flannel to wipe my hands, and there was hand sanitiser to use as well. There’s no need for swimwear at the moment, so just underwear is perfectly fine, you’ll leave your clothes on the chair in the room and remember to remove your jewellery but to keep your mask on. After I’d gotten settled on the bed, my therapist knocked on the door and re-entered to start my treatment.



There are seven ESPA oils that are used by our therapists at the Well Spa, from the notes I’d left on my consultation form, Gabriella chose the fitness body oil for my needs which had a beautiful lavender scent. The treatment covered all of the back of the body including legs and feet, with a focus on my shoulders and I’d mentioned this was a particularly problematic spot for me at the moment. 

I’d like to say I would remember this to write with effortless attention to every detail. But the smell of the ESPA oil, the cosy room, and the relaxing music sent me to my happy place and I must have drifted off, which is very unusual for me!

At the end of the treatment, Gabriella left the room for me to get re-dressed and returned a few moments later with a glass of cool water. She explained that my shoulders were definitely carting a lot of tension and provided me a handy postcard with some tips for aftercare, and a lovely ribbon band that had been soaked in the oil for me to wear home to remind me of the place I’d been to when I was perfectly relaxed. It was then back down the stairs together and back to the real world, but with a definite spring in my step, feeling a little taller too!”

To remember that ‘just been to the spa’ feeling why not book a treatment during your next Bluestone break, I can assure you you’ll be in the very best hands with our incredible team!


Kathryn visited the spa on the 24th of June 2021, restrictions may have changed since then. Please checked Bluestone's information page or contact us to find out how this will impact your break, here.


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