My journey to the Kingdom of the Elves

My name is Imara and I am 10 years old. I got to go on Kingdom of the Elves with Mummy, my brother Uriah and my sister Tallulah in 2018.

Arriving For Our Journey


When we got to the Adventure Centre we met the Elves in reception and gave our lodge number they gave us our ticket, which was like a passport and a wristband which was the colour of our group.

We played some mini golf when we waited and then they called to say it was time for the yellow group to go.


Nutcracker King and Imara


We went to the Pa-Rum-Pa-Pum-Pum-Platform to have our photo taken and then we met the Ticketeer Elf! He stamped our ticket book and told us that the elves needed our help as their Nutcracker King had been turned into a toy by the evil mice. I was chosen to look after him on our journey! We were given our Elf outfits and rosy cheeks and then we got on the train.

The train driver Elf was really funny, the train went under the sea and we passed through the desert and there was a massive cat! We even went through space, and then the naughty mice managed to get on board and attacked us. We saved the train from the mice and as a thank you we had our ticket books stamped.

Then we went to Mother Ginger’s Kitchen. She’s the best at cooking Gingerbreads, I think Marshal Mallow had eaten a bit too much of the mix because he was very hyper.

We got to decorate our own Gingerbread Soldier to help to defeat the mice so we could save the King. We had icing pens, sweets and popping candy to put on top! There were lots of white coloured icing pens, I chose Ice White! Then Mother Ginger stamped my book and Marshal gave me a high five!

In the next room we met the Sugar Plum Fairy who was scared of our big people because she realised they were mice! There were games for us to play Elves against Mice, there was a cool golf game and we had to try and get all of the yellow balls from around the room into the flower pots. The children won by 2000 balls, and the Fairy magicked the big people back to be nice.

Because we won we got to go to the Nutcracker Ball, the Queen of Sugar Plum Land was there. She was really sad because the King was still a toy, I gave him to her and she told us that if we believed in Christmas enough we could still save him.

She put him in a magic cupboard, we closed our eyes, wiggled and wished and then the door opened and he wasn’t a toy anymore! He was really happy and we all got to meet them and the Queen stamped our books. Then it started snowing and we sang the Bluestone Christmas Song together before we left, I still keep singing it!

My favourite part of Kingdom of the Elves this year was the journey on the train with the Elf Conductor and seeing the giant cat on top of the pyramids! My second favourite was meeting Mother Ginger and Marshal Mallow in the kitchen, my Gingerbread was delicious!

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