Barafundle Bay

A spectacular natural wonder, Barafundle Bay is a favourite of locals and tourists alike who, flock to the breathtaking beach all year round.

Nestled on the south coast of Pembrokeshire between Broad Haven and Freshwater East, Barafundle is regularly listed as one of the top beaches in the world and could easily be mistaken for somewhere in the Caribbean. Lucky for us, this gem is just a short drive from the resort and an ideal place for a day out.

The beautiful bay at Barafundle
View from the sand at Barafundle


How To Get There

Somewhat isolated, you can’t drive to the beach itself with the nearest carpark at Stackpole Quay.

Access is only on foot via the Coast Path either from Stackpole (0.5miles) or Broad Haven South (1.3miles).Once there, entrance to the beach is via steps on the northern approach and with no facilities, it means anything you need to bring with you has to be carried – there and back.

Steps at the north end of Barafundle Bay

While the remoteness and rugged terrain of the walk means it might not suit everyone, if you do visit, you will be rewarded with views of unspoiled coastline. Backed by sand dunes and with high cliffs on either side, the east-facing bay provides natural protection from the elements and an ideal spot to escape to for a beach day, walk or a picnic on the sand.

Distance from Bluestone

29 minutes by car, 15.7 miles

Nearest Carpark

Stackpole Quay National Trust car park is around ½ mile from the beach, postcode: SA71 5LS. You can purchase a parking ticket for £5 all-day and £2 after 2pm (cash only). Ticket can be reused in other National Trust car parks in Pembrokeshire and is free for members.

The walk to Barafundle

On Foot

The beach is on the Coast Path and is a great stop point if you’re walking from Bosherston to Freshwater East.


Access to the beach is down steps from cliff top, so not suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs.


There are no facilities on the beach. The nearest public toilets are at the Stackpole Quay NT car park.


Blue Flag Beach

2019 Seaside Award

2019 Green Coast Award

2019 Trip Advisor’s Travellers’ Choice Awards Best UK Beaches, 5th place

2017 Passport Magazine’s Best Beaches In The World

2006 Country Life magazine best place for a picnic in the UK



Barafundle Bay is part of the Stackpole Estate, managed by the National Trust and there are some beautiful walks around the woodlands and waterway, that are well worth a visit.

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