Broad Haven North and South

There are two beaches referred to as Broad Haven in Pembrokeshire and you would be forgiven for mixing them up. While they might share a name, they are very different types of beaches and are on opposite sides of the county – so make sure you know which one you are going to before you set out on a visit!


Broad Haven South Beach

Known locally as “Broad Haven South”, this wide, sprawling beach is one of the biggest and most impressive in Pembrokeshire. At low tide, the epic expanse of sand seems to go on for miles and even when the water is at its highest, there is more than enough room for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Backed by extensive sand dunes and the beautiful Boshertson Lily Ponds, the natural beach is framed by dramatic high cliffs and the iconic Church Rock, which protrudes in the centre of the bay making it instantly recognisable as the south coast gem.

Broad Haven South Beach

Popular with day-trippers and surfers, the water quality makes it a great place to swim, while the dunes, caves and springs offer a chance for adventure and are a perfect place to try a bit of rockpooling. If you do decide to take a dip, be aware that there is a strong and changeable current that can catch some people out.

For families with young children, the north side of the beach has a clean waterway running from the lily ponds, which is perfect for little ones to get their feet wet, splash and play in the water.

How To Get There

The south-facing beach is located on the south coast of Pembrokeshire, on the edge of the Stackpole Estate next to the beautiful Boshertson Lily Ponds. You cannot drive directly to the beach but can access it on foot at the north and south end.

Bosherston Lily Ponds

The northern entrance is through the lily ponds, which are well worth a visit even if you do not decide to carry onto the beach, and is an easier option for those with pushchairs, wheelchairs, or mobility problems. Park in the National Trust carpark in Bosherston village and make your way to the beach via the mile-long, but easy route through the ponds.

On the southside there is a carpark at the edge of the cliff and while it is closer to the beach, the only access is via a steep staircase down the cliffside. Not an easy climb either way, due to the number of steps and terrain, and is not suitable for wheelchairs, pushchairs.

Distance from Bluestone:

17.1 miles, 30 minute drive

Nearest Carpark:

There are two options and really depends on the group you are visiting with.
To access the beach via the Lily Ponds, try the National Trust Carpark in Bosherston village (SA71 5DW) then take the mile-long, relatively flat walk to the beach. There are a few different scenic routes through the lily ponds and woodland, with the quickest route to the beach clearly signposted.

For the shortest distance go for the Trefalen car park (SA71 5DZ), which sits at the top of the cliff on the south end of the beach. Once parked the beach is accessed via steep steps down to the sand.


For those with limited mobility or have a pushchair or wheelchair the best route is via the Lily Ponds, as the steep steps from the Trefalen Carpark might prove too much of a challenge.

Broad Haven South, at sunset


There are no facilities on the beach but both carparks have public toilets, and there is a small café in the Trefalen Cark Park where you can buy cold drinks and ice creams (south entrance). In Bosherston village you can find a popular pub, as well as cafes and shop.


Broad Haven is found along a dramatic stretch of the Pembrokeshire coastline, within a cluster of iconic places to visit. As well as the Bosherston Lily Ponds and Stackpole Estate’s woodlands, there’s Barafundle Bay to the north (1.3miles along the coast path) – another world-renowned beach.

The Green Bridge of Wales

To the south you can visit St Govan’s chapel, an ancient place of worship nestled into the cliffside and further on you’ll find the natural wonders of the Green Bridge of Wales, a dramatic natural arch and the rock pillars, Elegug Stacks.

Top Tip

Everything you bring with you must be carried down and back down to the beach, so it is best to pack light.


2019 Seaside Award
2019 Green Coast Award


Broad Haven North


The other, but just as important,  Broad Haven is on the west coast of the county in St Brides Bay and due to its relative location is often referred to as “Broad Haven North”. While it is more northernly than its counterpart beach, Broad Haven can be found at the bottom of the wider St Bride’s Bay, with the name referring to both the beach and the adjacent resort.

Broad Haven North Beach

A popular spot with tourists for hundreds of years, the westerly facing beach is perfect for families to enjoy a day out and is also a favourite for watersports enthusiasts, who can often be seen taking advantage of it’s surf, sailing and kitesurfing opportunities.

The beach itself has a bit of everything and with a strip of pebbles at the northern end, which gives way to a gentle slopping stretch of sand. At either end of the beach there are rocky areas with pools and caves to explore and at low tide you can walk around to a smaller cove, Little Haven beach. Make sure to check the tides as at certain time of the day the beach can completely disappear, just leaving the pebbled area.

How To Get There

Distance from Bluestone

15.2 miles, 26-minute drive

Nearest Carpark

There are two car parks next to the beach in Broad Haven, which is handy as it does get busy in the height of summer.

The closest is Marine Road Car Park (SA62 3JR) has 46 spaces and can be found at the southern end of the village. Millmoor Way Car Park (SA62 3JH) is at the northern end of the village and has space for around 150 cars.


Easy to access, the village and beach are on a rather flat terrain, making walking around the resort easy. You can access the beach from a promenade area either via steps or a ramp. There is also a slipway at the northern end of the beach for vehicles. If you don’t want to go down to the beach, the wide promenade area has a number of benches where you can sit and look out at the view.


The beach is separated from the village by a road, and here you can find an abundance of restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops, selling everything you might need for a trip to the seaside.
There are public toilets within the village and at the northern end of the beach (with disabled access).

There is also a slip way for easy access and lifeguards that patrol the beach from the end of June to September.


A great opportunity to explore all St Bride’s Bay has to offer, at low tide you can walk south to the neighbouring Settlands bay and across again to Little Haven, just don’t get caught out on the way back. To the north is the secluded beach of Druidston and Nolton Haven and if you carry on up the coast you’ll come to popular Newgale and Solva.

Newgale Beach, Pembrokeshire

Top Tip:

You can hire surfboards, paddleboards and kayaks in the village, just make sure to phone ahead for availability if it’s in high season.


2019 Blue Flag Beach
2019 Seaside Award

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