St Govan’s Head Coast Walks

The little chapel at the bottom of St Govan’s Head is the stuff of legend - a tiny hermit’s cell built right into the rock by the water’s edge.

This walk covers some of the same ground as the lily ponds but the journey down to the chapel wedged into the rock is such a holiday-defining experience it deserves a section of its own.


St Govan is said to have lived here in the 13th century after being chased by pirates, settling into this little crack of rock where the chapel was built. When the light and wind pour in through the windows it is an undeniably magical experience well worth braving the elements for.

According to legend, the pirates stole the silver bell which once rang in the bell tower - but angels built a new one in the stone which only St Govan can ring. The walk is over three miles but the tales of pirates and traveling saints should keep children entertained - and they’ll be enthralled by the little chapel. Not to mention one of the best Instagram opportunities in Pembrokeshire.


Walking Guide


Walk time: Two hours

Difficulty: Reasonably easy, except for the descent down to St Govan's Chapel, accessed via a steep staircase in the side of the cliff, which some may struggle with.

Distance from Bluestone: 25 minutes to Bosherston car park

Toilets: Yes

Parking: In Bosherston

Food and drink: The pleasant, quaint amenities of Bosherston


1. Start at the Bosherston National Trust car park and take the quickest route down to the beach at Broadhaven.

2. Turn right and pick up the coast path at the bottom end of the beach, walking west over Trevallen Downs

3. Keep on the coast path and you’ll reach St Govan’s chapel - walking down a few steep steps. Legend has it you never count the same number on the way back up!

4. Follow the road you’ll notice here north back up to Bosherston.


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