Where to go wild swimming in Pembrokeshire

Surrounded by coast ranging from the wild to the well-worn, Pembrokeshire is a haven for aquatic adventurers, for whom the water is a way of life. With over 50 beaches (11 of which have been given blue flag status), iconic scenery, hidden gems and a 186-mile-long coast path to access it all, Pembrokeshire’s wild waters are waiting for you.

Here are some of the best spots, for you to get back to nature, and experience wild swimming:


The Blue Lagoon, Abereiddy, 28.1 miles from Bluestone

A popular spot for tourists that shares a name with Bluestone’s very own indoor water park. The Blue Lagoon is an old slate quarry that was abandoned and flooded during the 20th century. The slate is what gives the water it’s iconic aqua blue tint. Today, it’s a popular spot for cliff-diving, coasteering and swimming. Take the plunge as part of a group activity.

Did you know?

The Blue Lagoon has hosted the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition 3 times, in 2012, 2013 and 2016 where daring divers compete in a series of events.



Barafundle Bay, Stackpole, 15.6 miles from Bluestone

A regular feature on best beaches in the world lists, Barafundle Bay is the Caribbean in Cymru. With golden sand and clear seas, Barafundle Bay is a must visit for water lovers. Surrounded by limestone cliffs and lush green landscape, the bay is an idyllic, isolated sanctuary. Perfect for taking a dip in a spot of true natural beauty.

Did you know?

Scaling and walking along the cliffs around Barafundle Bay will bring you across the massive Lort’s Cave. Legend has it that Sir Roger Lort of the Stackpole Estate, hid here during the English Civil War to avoid capture.



Witch’s Cauldron, Moylegrove, 29.9 miles from Bluestone

Mysterious and magical, the Witch’s Cauldron is the stuff of fairy tales. A collapsed cave with water that glows green in the sunlight, the Cauldron is a must visit for those intrepid enough to do so. Reaching the Witch’s Cauldron is an adventure in itself. The waters can only be accessed via sea kayak, however you can still enjoy the views by taking a half hour walk along the coast path from Ceibwr Bay.

If you are braving the waters though beware, legends say the sea-witch still lives here and has a keen eye on anyone who ventures in alone…

Did you know?

During the Autumn months, access to the public is restricted here, as seals gather to use the area to pup.



Rosebush Quarry, Rosebush, 13.8 miles from Bluestone

Located south of the sweeping Preseli Mountains, the Rosebush Quarry is a hidden gem tucked away in the hills. At the centre of the quarry sits a tranquil lake, with the waters coloured green from the slate rock surrounding it.

If you’re looking for a more explorative swim, be aware that Rosebush Quarry is over 300 metres above sea level and is classed as an altitude dive, so prepare accordingly!




Broad Haven South, Bosherston, 16.8 miles from Bluestone

Soft sand and low tide make Broad Haven South a perfect visit for all water lovers. The proud Church Rock juts out of the water about 150 years offshore, as surfers and swimmers enjoy the water.

To the west cliffs and caves are to be discovered, with streams and springs bringing the rock to life. Through here the stream from the idyllic lilyponds runs through, making for a great spot for little ones to play in the water.
Dunes and green frame the beach from the north and the east, making for a spot that showcases a different aspect of nature’s beauty in whatever direction you look.



Whitesands, St. Davids, 26.6 miles from Bluestone

Underneath the watchful presence of St. David’s Head to the north, Whitesands Bay offers sweeping sands and sea to be enjoyed. The rocky outcrop of Carn Llidi dominates the landscape around the bay, made of ancient volcanic rock. Access can be made to the north via the National Coast Path where most set up stock, whilst quieter areas can be found to the south.

Did you know?

At low tide, the remains of an ancient forest can be discovered in the bay, with the remains of brown bears and the now extinct breed of cattle, the aurochs, being found here.