Insider Tips For Your Day At The Beach

Living and working in Pembrokeshire means that we are lucky enough to have over 50 beaches on our doorstep to explore.

Our evenings and weekends are never boring and our urges to splash through the waves never has long to wait. But it also means we've learned a thing or two about visiting the beach here, so here are a few friendly tips that might come in handy during your visit.


Visiting The Beach In Pembrokeshire


Check the tide times

Running around after busy toddlers whilst trying to relocate your beach home as the tide creeps closer is no fun. Some beaches in Pembrokeshire will become pebble paradises at high tide so make sure you check to see what the tides will be doing so that you can plan your day. Make sure to research your beach to check on the swimming conditions, and to see whether there’ll be lifeguards on hand.

There are also many beaches that become cut off when the tide creeps in, make sure you're not on one of them or things could become dangerous, quickly.


Broad Haven South Beach, Pembrokeshire

The sea isn't a swimming pool

With tides, waves, currents, rocks, and the force of the wind all at play, getting into the sea for a swim is completely different to diving into a controlled enviroment like a swimming pool.

Make sure to follow any advice on the beach from lifeguards,, or signs that have been put in place for your safety.


Know the difference between Broad Haven and Broad Haven South

These beaches are often confused but are both brilliant! Broad Haven is on the west coast of Pembrokeshire in St Brides Bay around 16 miles from Bluestone, the beach is great for Paddleboarding and there are some great rock pools for the children to discover.

Broad Haven South is 17 miles - south of Bluestone funnily enough! The sandy beach can be accessed via a beautiful walk through woodland and along the lily ponds of the Stackpole Estate or down the steps from the nearby car park.


Have change at hand for the car park

Many of the beaches around the county have pay and display car parks so you’ll need to have coins at hand. The costs will vary so it’s worth having a look, few charge more than £3 for a whole day and some are operated by the National Trust so remember your membership card if you have one!


Watch the tides coming in (Freshwater West Beach)


Invest in a waterproof case for your phone

The beaches in Pembrokeshire provide the perfect backdrop from your family photo. If you’re using your phone though it’s a good idea to pop it in a waterproof case to keep it safe, it’ll help to keep sand out of the ports too!


Set up a colourful camp

Make sure your camp is easy to spot from the shoreline, hoist a flag or put up an umbrella. If you want to pack light then set up camp next to a prominent landmark.


Explore the rockpools

There are lots of amazing rockpools around the county, here’s our guide to making the most of them and what you should do!



Plan a beach scavenger hunt

It’s a great way to entertain the children, make a list of things that you all need to find and set off together. When you spot them all you need to do is a snap a picture and cross them off your list.


Leave only footprints in the sand

Our beaches are very special and many are award winning for the water quality and cleanliness. Help us to protect our environment and remember to take any rubbish home with you at the end of the day.



Beware the Gulls

This is a friendly warning that gulls at the beach, or in seaside towns, do not respect personal space and will expect to share your lunch.

To keep them at bay, make sure to cover your food while eating, perhaps under an umbrella, don't leave food out in the open,  or leave scraps of food around after your meal. And the biggest no, that will make you the most unpopular person at the beach, under no circumstances feed them.


Don't Follow The Crowd

Pembrokeshire can get busy especially in the summer months and it can be heartbreaking when you have your heart set on visiting a beach - and when you get there the car park is full. Don't try and get round it by parking illegally, with over 50 to pick from just head to another and your bound to find a space eventually. 

If there's a space not taken that seems too good to be true, it usually is. Parking in front of gates or along single track roads is not only dangerous, but you could be preventing people accessing their homes and places of work. You don't want to deal with a fine - or worse - after your day out and risk ruining your holiday.

It's also worth remembering that you could also be blocking emergency vehicles reaching the beach. 


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