Bluestone's Dog Policy

You spoke and we listened - our pet-free resort policy will remain. We’re always listening to our guests to ensure Bluestone is a perfect luxury short break destination for everyone.

Since we opened in 2008, we have maintained our 500 beautiful acres of Pembrokeshire countryside as a dog-free zone.

Despite this, we’re sometimes asked by guests if they can bring their beloved dogs with them to stay. And so we wanted to know what the general feeling was if we were to allow dogs onto the resort.


Guest Response

Over 12,500 people responded, with more than 60 percent saying they were dog owners. While a small minority said they’d like to bring their dogs, the majority of people said they wanted us to maintain our policy of not allowing dogs to stay.

So we’ve listened and we’re going to maintain our dog-free zone policy so everyone can enjoy their break with us. But that doesn’t mean to say you can’t bring your dog on holiday.

There are a number of very good dog kennels close to Bluestone where your dog can have its very own holiday and you can still go out and enjoy walks and visits throughout the Pembrokeshire area with your beloved pooch when you head off the resort.

We should also say that this policy does not affect assistance dogs.

Thanks, The Bluestone team


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