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Multigenerational Breaks: Benefits of going away with your grandparents

Ever considered a multigenerational family break? If you haven't then maybe you should. Going away with your grandparents is back in trend, and Bluestone is the best place to bring the whole family. 



What is a multigenerational break?

When we say a family break, how many generations are you imagining? If it’s two then you need to have a rethink as one of the biggest trends for 2021 is the rise in popularity of the multi-generational family break. Referring to a break with three or more generations, the multigenerational family break has been gaining in popularity for years, but thanks to Coronavirus it’s set to become the most popular family-style break this year and possibly for years to come.



But why this sudden need to get away with your grandparents? 2020 gave everyone a chance to focus on what's important, and for many people, that's spending time with those you love the most. It makes sense that you would choose to spend your precious time off with your entire family. There are also huge benefits to a multi-generational break that you may not have considered, take a look.



The Benefits

A chance to reconnect with loved ones

The Coronavirus put a huge strain on families – especially the connections with the eldest generation. To keep them safe we stayed away, but that meant sacrificing so many moments from Christmas to birthdays and all the little everyday moments in between. It’s safe to say, we’ve been reminded how special family time is, and there’s nothing like a holiday away together to make up for lost time.



It makes it easy to spend time together and means you get that really quality experience that we’ve all been missing out on. Knowing you have uninterrupted time together is something you can look forward to as well.


It keeps everyone healthy

The benefits of taking a holiday are well documented, but did you know letting grandparents spend time with children helps keep them healthy? According to a 2019 report allowing grandparents to spend time with children helps maintain their cognitive functions into old age. Holidays, where you’re all staying together, are perfect for this, as playtime never has to end.



It’s better for the planet

We’re all trying to be more conscious of how our actions impact the world around us and going away together as a group is one way you can improve your eco-footprint. Rather than making several trips, by going away altogether it’s better for the environment, especially if you opt to stay in the UK.


More options, less stress

It might feel like the opposite, but more adults can make the holiday less stressful. Not only are there more hands to pitch in and help with childcare, but you won’t feel obligated to do everything together. You can split into groups and sit out an activity, or it even gives you the chance to go off by yourself to try something you wouldn’t have been able to do.


A real break for you

Going away with children isn't easy and having the support of your parents – especially after the last year – is something to treasure. You might even get a chance to slip off for time alone with your partner if the grandparents don’t mind babysitting for the night (they won’t). It also gives you the chance to enjoy spending time with your own parents and share the magic of going away, something, we think should be treasured.



Why Bluestone is best

We may be slightly biased, but we think Bluestone is the best place in the UK for a multigenerational break. Especially after the last year, you deserve your holiday away with everyone to be perfect, and you won't find a better place to spend time with the whole family than with us at Bluestone. 

Don't take our word for it, here's what makes our little piece of Pembrokeshire a place the whole family will love.


1. We've always championed multigenerational family breaks

It might be coming back on trend now, but since Bluestone has been open, we've loved the idea of a place where all ages can come together and enjoy a holiday to remember. We never want anyone to feel left out, so whether you're one or 100, we've been working hard to make your stay special. 


2. No-one is left out 

Our escapes are specifically designed for all ages to enjoy and we don't pigeon-hole people based on how many years they've clocked up! If you want to try surfing in your 60s with the grandchildren in tow, then we'll help you to make it happen. Our activities are aimed at all ages and tastes, so no-one is going to feel left out.


3. Lodges options to suit everyone

Our lodges are perfect for multigenerational getaways because that's what we designed them for! The Dinas Lodge has the bedrooms split at each end of the accommodation, so you can divide the sleeping arrangements up between early and late risers, meaning everyone can enjoy a good night's sleep. Or, if you still want a little bit of separation try our Tenby or Caldey Connect lodges. These are mirror-image lodges that are connected by a door in the living space and are perfect for a holiday together, but also give you some privacy. 

The Caldey Connect


4. Support when it's needed

We know some may need some extra support during their stay, and our Caldey Adapted Lodge is equipped with additional features for those who need assistance. Find out more about our special lodge here.

5. We're here to help

We know every family is unique and we're happy to help create a break that everyone will love. You can get in touch with us before, during, and after your visit and we'll do everything we can to try and assist you - even if it's just tips for your stay.


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