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Everything you need to know about Serendome

Serendome is our all-weather resort area that literally brings the outdoors indoors under the biggest umbrella in the UK. The dome-like transparent roof towers over exciting activities, indulgent food and drink options and first class entertainment.

It’s a thrilling, inspiring and magical way to experience the great outdoors – without the risk of rain! Here's everything you need to know about Serendome.


All Your Questions - Answered

Sky Walk Mini, Serendome
Serendome roof, Bluestone Resort
Bar-O-Meter, Serendome
Sky Walk, Serendome
Wacky Racers, Serendome
Water Play, Serendome

When is Serendome open?

Opening times change throughout the year - depending on what's happening in the dome. Make sure to check when you're staying to make sure!


Do you have to pay to get in?

Like the Blue Lagoon, entrance to Serendome is free for guests staying on resort, though some activities are paid for. If you want to try one, simply log onto Manage Your Booking and book your place.


Why is it called Serendome?

Seren means star in Welsh, and the clear umbrella will act as a window to the skies, whatever the weather. It is pronounced ‘Seh-ren-dome’.

Can members of the public use Serendome?

Serendome is exclusively for use by Bluestone's guests, however there will be events held in the future that day guests will be able to attend.

If you are interested in hearing about our special shows, please sign up for announcements and keep an eye on our social media.


What activities are in Serendome?

In Serendome you’ll find a range of activities both paid and complimentary as well as a 400-seat amphitheatre which will set the scene for a range of fantastic shows. They include the daredevil SkyWalk and the thrilling Wacky Racers as well as the complimentary Sand Play and Imagination Garden. You can view all of the activities available over on our main Serendome page.


Is there somewhere you eat and drink in Serendome?

Yes, there are a several new eateries where you can refuel during your visit.

You can enjoy food at The Terraces our very own food court, where kiosks will serve light lunches, snacks and suppers. The Garden Box services tea, coffee and ice creams and cocktails and drinks are available at the Bar-O-Meter.

Is there a shop in Serendome?

Yes, we have the new Giftorium opening near the entrance of the dome and like the Emporium, it will be selling merchandise and some clothing. It will also be home to our Guest Services team in Serendome, who will be happy to help you with activities in the dome and help you with any enquiries you might have!

(Newton Stores - in the Village - is still where you’ll get your bread and milk from!)


Will there be shows in Serendome?

Serendome is home of Bluestone's epic productions - the Cloud Theatre.

The 400-seat amphitheatre is right at the heart of Serendome and is a state-of-the-art facility showcasing mind-boggling and awe-inspiring shows.


Can non-staying guests attend the shows?

Keep your eye on social media or sign up for up-dates for news about Serendome events available for local people and those not staying on resort.

Serendome is a large umbrella, which shelters our guests from the elements. So it’ll be warmer in summer as it ‘traps’ the light, and warmer in winter because it doesn’t let as much wind in.


Can we park our bikes/buggy nearby the Serendome?

Yes, there is a bike and buggy park right outside the entrance.


Are children able to go into Serendome unaccompanied?

It will be just like anywhere on resort, you’ll need to supervise your children anywhere they go.


Is Serendome wheelchair friendly?

Serendome was designed to be wheelchair friendly. All paths in Serendome are DDA compliant and there's even a wheelchair section in the SkyWalk. There are some stairs in Serendome but we have made sure there is always a convenient alternative route.


Are there toilets/baby changing facilities in Serendome?

Yes, there are both on the top terrace of the building.


Is Serendome weather dependant?

The beauty of our giant umbrella is that the activities will go on here regardless of the weather, like the majority of our Bluestone fun and games!


Where on the resort is Serendome located?

Serendome nestles into the landscape behind the Blue Lagoon Water Park. 


How far away is Serendome from the Village area?

Serendome is around a 10-minute walk from the centre of the Bluestone village, two minutes from the Blue Lagoon.

Intrigued to find out more about how Serendome took shape? Here's a few facts about our adventure dome, what it took to construct and how it will benefit Pembrokeshire.

  • Length - 116m
  • Width - 77m
  • Height - 5m from ground level around perimeter, 22m from internal floor at highest point
  • Floor area - 7000sqm
  • Roof / air filled pillow area - 8000sqm
  • 30956 nuts
  • 27280 bolts
  • 45988 washers
  • 39899 screws
  • 8000m2 ETFE surface area, 16000m2 in total


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