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Why You Should Visit In Magical Autumn

Fall in love with autumn on a magical break to Bluestone.

After a busy summer, an autumn break is the perfect opportunity to experience the great outdoors as it turns breathtaking colours of orange, red and gold.


The Best Autumn Breaks In The UK?

We certainly think so! 

At Bluestone we’re made for autumn fun, with spectacular Pembrokeshire landscape, outdoor and indoor activities and endless opportunities for adventure. Thanks to the addition of the Serendome,  there are more activities, free play areas and places to enjoy than ever before.

If you’re not convinced it’s time to head west for a short holiday in September and October, here’s just a taster of what autumn at Bluestone is like.


1. The Beaches

Unspoiled coastal landscapes, with magical sunsets, beach games and not a soul in sight? Sounds almost too good to be true but head to Pembrokeshire in autumn and you’ll have more time - and space - to enjoy the beautiful National Park.

We love the beach at the height of summer, but it’s also pretty special in September and October and with the crowds gone, you get to see a different side of it – you might even enjoy it more. Why not head down to the east-facing beaches at sunset with blankets and watch the spectacular colours of the sky as the sun sets over the water – a truly beautiful sight!


2. Autumn’s Colours

There’s nowhere better to appreciate the spectacular golds, reds, yellows and oranges than the countryside and, we might be biased, but if you’re looking for a break in a stunning autumn setting - we’d say you can’t go wrong with Bluestone.

Waking up in 500-acres of Pembrokeshire National Park land with beautiful views of, the Preseli Hills and surrounded by ancient woodland it’ll be hard to drag yourself away from the perfect setting.


3. Get Your Wellies Ready

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes so wrap up and get outside! There’s so much of life you miss from sitting inside staring at a screen, but with your wellington boots, a waterproof coat and a hood – there’s nothing you can’t take on.

Pembrokeshire’s landscape is breathtaking in autumn and there’s so much wildlife to see during the last few months of the year and you can enjoy it all from the 183-mile coastal walk. There’s nothing quite like a bracing coastal walk or summiting a hilltop.

Remember, you always have your cosy lodge to retreat to afterwards! As summer begins to fade and the threat of winter looms, flora and fauna are getting ready for the cold snap meaning there’s quite a bit to see out on the Nature Trail.

Our ranger team care for the wildlife throughout the year and are experts on the habitats we protect and cultivate. Head to Ranger HQ during your stay to find out more about the autumnal wildlife you can see on resort.

4. Seal Spotting

Early autumn is a great time to head to Pembrokeshire because it’s the time of year seals return to the beaches to give birth. Atlantic grey seals live in huge numbers around the rocky coastline, with a large colony at Ramsey Island, and it’s possible to spot them in the waters off the coast throughout the year, but especially during breeding season. grey seals in Pembrokeshire family boat trip Pembrokeshire September and early October is the busiest time, but it’s possible to see the seals and their pups until December.

You can enjoy watching from the Pembrokeshire coast path, or charter a boat tour from numerous places on the coast, who will give you a different view of the coast and animals that live there –at a safe distance of course.


5. The great outdoors, Indoors

Even the hardiest adventurer needs a rest at some point, but that shouldn’t stop you enjoying the beautiful season. Take your weary legs to the award-winning Well Spa and you can enjoy our Bwbach spa specials that are designed to complement the season – the perfect remedy after a hike along the coast path.

After your treatment why not enjoy the outdoor hydrotherapy pool where you can relax among the bubbles under the autumn sky. the well spa autumn breaks autumn at camp smokey Or, how about a song round the camp fire at Camp Smokey?

Nestled in the Steep Ravine, you can enjoy alfresco dinning at the wooden retreat and toast marshmallows over the open fire. For a proper party in the forest, book a place at Smokey Joe’s Shindig and we’ll have you dancing the night away on the table tops – in between your dinner of course!


6. Serendome

For a real taste of the outdoors, indoors this autumn, try Serendome. Filled with flowers, trees and with no walls it has the feeling of being in the big outdoors, but thanks to the giant, transparent roof you’re protected from the worst of the elements.


The dome contains new and exciting challenges for you to tackle including Skywalk, a vertical adventure course with seven towers and 24 climbing stations. Conquer Skywalk and discover how fast – or easy – it is to get to the top, where you can enjoy a great view of the dome below you.


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