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The Bwbach Festival

COVID-19: All Bwbach Festival activities are subject to Welsh Government restrictions, and as such may not be able to go ahead on your break as advertised. If you want to know what's on during a specific time period, please contact us directly, or check our dedicated page on COVID-19 restrictions.



This autumn, enjoy another bewitching, mischievous, and simply marvelous Bwbach Festival. Once again Bluestone will be invaded by a troupe of larger-than-life scarecrows - The Bwbach, who will bring with them a whole heap of fun and trouble!




The Bwbach Festival 2021: 3rd September to 31st October


The Pumpkin Lab

Location: The Cloud Theatre, Serendome
Paid Activity, All Ages

Enter the Pumpkin Lab where the lonely scientific scarecrow, joined by a motley crew of scientific mishaps featuring Igor and the Ka-Booms, Pumpkin people, and thieving Crows, experiments with elaborate ways to make a special new friend… quite literally!

Bringing you a show that blends spectacular science, live music, and cirque together with the famous Bluestone warmth, wholesomeness, and fun-filled family interaction.







Spooky Science Workshop

Location: The Cloud Theatre, Serendome
Paid Activity, 4+ and over

Get hands-on with some spooktacular science experiments from the Pumpkin Lab show! Led by Igor, put on your lab coats and safety goggles and get ready to have your mind blown... not literally, we’ll use pumpkins for that! It's science - the fun way!







Scarecrow Hunt

Location: Entire Resort!
Complimentary Activity, All Ages

The Scientific Scarecrow has created some rather unusual creations using household objects!!! Each year the family grows- where they’ll be? Nobody knows!! There’s no such thing as the wrong weather here in Pembrokeshire only the wrong clothes!

Be it buggy, bike, or puddle splashers grab your sense of adventure and head out on a quest. Track down the Scarecrow’s locations and fill in the details you discover. Once you’ve found them all you can enjoy the mini Bwbach battle game, using their top trumps scores, who will win?



Pumpkin Carving Contest

Location: The Village
Free to enter, All Ages

Brush up on your pumpkin carving skills and enter your own Bwbach inspired creation into our contest. Every break the judging will take place in the Village by none other than the Scientific Scarecrow- accompanied by Igor and the Kabooms, who will be playing live music as the pumpkin contest takes place!

Bring your own pumpkin from home, or you can purchase it during your stay. All you have to do is bring your creation along to the contest!





Location: Serendome
Complimentary Activity, All Ages

The Serendome is brought to life for the harvest season. As well as seasonal decorations, you can get in the spirit by enjoying our pop-up activities that anyone can join in with and our harvest-themed stalls offering seasonal delights!



Evening Music

Location: The Cloud Theatre, Serendome
Complimentary Activity, All Ages

As the sun begins to set, join us for celebrations to mark the end of your Bwbach experience. As Igor and the Kabooms perform live from the Cloud Theatre, the green is taken over by Pembrokeshire fire spinners and the dome becomes a playground for all.




 In Accommodation Fun




The fun doesn't need to stop when you head back to your accommodation,  take the Bwbach spirit with you! When you arrive, you'll find a map of everything happening in the resort during your stay, as well as a welcome from the scientific scarecrow who will be letting you in on all the mischievous he's been spreading across Bluestone. 



Birdbox Workshop Delivery

Location: In accommodation
Paid Activity, All Ages

A workshop brought to your very lodge by the loveable scarecrows, delivered in style. Inside the box, you will receive the essentials to assemble and decorate your own birdbox. Feel free to explore the woods and forage a few more essentials from the forest floor in order to enhance!

Along with the craft equipment, you will find an instructional tutorial video from the scientific scarecrow himself! It's time to build your very own Bwbach Birdhouse.




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*Available to enjoy during weekend and midweek breaks from 3rd September to 31st October 2021, including the October half-term holiday.

**Paid for activities not currently available to book. This will be made available to guests later in the year**