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The NRG Lab Café

Healthy fast-food

The HIVE is a hub of energy, and the NRG Lab Café is where you need to go to refuel and be ready for more action and excitement. Serving healthy fast food gives you the treat you’ve been waiting for, as well as the energy you need to fuel your fun!


The best of both worlds: Healthy fast food

There’s something exciting about fast food, that makes it a treat at any age, and to most children (including us) it’s a magical experience, creating memories that last a lifetime. While fast food might be delicious, it’s not the healthiest and doesn’t always give us the fuel and energy we need to live to the fullest!


Deliciously good for you

At the NRG Lab Café we’ve taken fast food back to the drawing board to create our own healthy version. We've taken the best bits of fast food - the tasty meals, packed with flavour - and transformed them into the healthier versions, packed with the vitamins and nutrients you’ll need to keep your energy levels up, and the smile on your faces!


Menus to fuel the fun

All dishes on our menus have been designed by our team of chefs to ensure they include fast food favourites - with a healthy Bluestone twist. We've been inspired by cuisines across the world and brought together the best flavours with quality ingredients to create dishes that will tantilise your tastebuds, without giving you a post-meal slump.
Our menu items are subject to change, but for a taste of what you could enjoy, explore our Breakfast and Lunch options.


Choices for children

We know the most important guests to keep happy are our smallest ones. Our children's menu is packed full of favourites that should satisfy even the fussiest eaters and also gives them all the energy they need to enjoy their day. Our menu's are subject to change, but click the link below for a taste of what your tots can enjoy!


Book a Table


The NRG Lab Café is currently open for breakfast and lunch. Book your reservation below (walk-ins also welcome). Drinks are available for takeaway (non-alcoholic only), so come and join us and fuel the fun!


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